Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Vote! and other stuff...

Today we vote.  Or rather we should vote.

I have seen articles stating why your vote doesn't matter and theories about why it might.  I even wrote here, stating that we third party voters are pretty popular these days.  Most of the polls show the Evil Twins<tm> Romney and Obama neck and neck.  My boss, the portable democratic strategist, states that we are going to see a rerun of the 2000 elections, where it will be decided in the courts.

I am going to vote my conscience.  A vote for the lesser evil is a vote wasted.

Before you pull the lever or write in a name, I want you to ponder these events past:

  • the Patriot Act
  • the auto `bailout'
  • the banker `bailout'
  • the NDAA (your president can order you dead with no process)
  • Free Speech Zones
  • rapidly expanding government, in size and scope
  • even more `spreading democracy' (our troops in foreign lands)

The Evil Twins are in close agreement on the above.   Where does this leave us?

Do what you must.


Now that the expected unpleasantness is through, I wanted to bring you the best of today's news.

Things are in bad shape in New Jersey and New York.  On Craigslist you can now find people trading gas for sex.  My Hotness Level would be through the roof if I had a few spare gallons.....

Staten Island wants to thank you for your generous donations of clothes.  In fact, they don't need more clothes; they need underwear.

A Des Moines, Iowa store has a message for the Secret Service.

An observable miracle in modern jurisprudence was observed recently in Cleveland.  A woman who drove on the sidewalk to get around a school bus must stand on the corner wearing a sign that says 
"Only an idiot drives on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus."
I suspect if more cases were decided this way, there would be more people with signs and less idiots behind the wheel.  In fact, this might actually eliminate traffic jams!

And lastly, Bill Clinton asks, "Who wants a president who will lie to you?"

Right on, Bill.  Presidents only lie when their lips are moving.


  1. Such cynicism. Tsk-Tsk. The Electoral College has your back, bro!

    Tomorrow the sun shall also rise.

  2. I'm only cynical when I'm awake. And when I'm asleep, I think.

    You are incorrect about the sun, though; we haven't seen it in weeks and there's another storm coming. I hope NJ doesn't blow away.

  3. Batten down, hunker down, etc.

    I go through stages... cynical - apathetic - jaded - back to cynical.

    Long live the Queen! ;)