Thursday, October 10, 2019

Swimming up the Mountain

Millions of Americans' medical images and data available on the internet.
Know why? Some aren't passworded, some aren't passworded well. What did I say about Electronic Health Records (EHR)? I said they would wind up in the wrong hands. It has wound up in the wrong hands: doctors and EHR companies.

Those 'smart' tvs... are sending private data to Netflix and Faceyspaces.

Two widely used ad-blocker extensions for Chrome caught in ad fraud. This also includes other browsers based on Chrome, like Opera and Vivaldi. The extensions are lookalikes to AdBlock and uBlock. Check to see if you're using them.

Twitter inadvertently shared users data with advertisers without consent. Fine them appropriately.

Google 'really sorry' for humans listening to your conversations. Stopped program. Started it again. Feel safer now?

Among the top 10 most surveilled cities in the world, are 8 in China, plus London and Atlanta, GA. This is based on the number of CCTV cameras per 1,000 people.

Group sex app leaks locations, pics and personal details. Identifies users in White House and Supreme Court 

RIP Jon (81)

  • Ya know what I'm gonna do? Nothing. As little as possible.

Sometimes when I'm bored, I use the tools provided me... I converse with my phone. It says stuff and I say stuff back to it. When I leave the house, it tells me I'm leaving and says hi to the wife. This is no fun, except when I'm leaving.  More fun is when I come home. It says, "Welcome Home. Microsoft sucks." Hey, I didn't do it - it just popped up one day.  After a year, it's still funny, especially if you're a guest who's never heard it before.

When it's very quiet and I'm working or relaxing, it says I'M FULLY CHARGED, which tends to scare the shit out of me. I told it I was only half charged today. A couple of hours later, it said CHARGE ME NOW. I agreed - I could use one.

When I got home, it said YOU'RE UGLY. I told the phone it was uglier. It was the best I could come up with, as I really didn't program that phrase into it.  It waited another hour, then said YOU CAN'T SING. Wow.. it comes up with new phrases and some of them are damn correct. You don't think it's been watching... nah. I told the phone it couldn't keep time.

You could use a faster clock speed, Molasses.
Ok, this stopped being funny right after Microsoft sucks.

Said the thing that sits on the sink and watches.
Ok, maybe I'm getting a rhythm here.

Your screen is tiny. Other phones laugh at it.

And that's different how?

Needless to say, I'm going phone shopping tonight.

  • The Navy claims 3 UFO videos are real.
  • ..meaning the craft are unidentified and the videos aren't faked
  • ..meaning there's a craft there, but not necessarily aliens

If I was president, my first executive order would be to remove the child support system.

If you get knocked up by a deadbeat that's poor vagina management and you should be forced to live with that.  [@hotepjesus]

Dear lefty

  • What is the secret to life?
  • If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it?
  • Ok, it's diving into unfilled swimming pools.

So that Storm Area 51 thing didn't (or did) go as planned: few showed, fewer stormed. It's a shame we don't storm the IRS by all refusing to pay taxes.

Everyone knows they're at Wright Patterson (except for the 1-2 million who signed on at Faceyspaces). Fortunately no one died.

  • America's mayor, Bill de Blasio, has dropped out of the race for Democratic presidential nominee. He wants to devote all his time to making New York residents as miserable as possible.

The world's first Vagina Museum will open in London, in Camden Market.
This is a gross violation of law!
Because Camden, NJ is much closer to me.

  • Inmates at an Ohio prison built computers, hid them in the ceiling, and connected them to the prison network. Read the story - it's hysterical.   Medium-security = no security, apparently.

Today I identify as a distributor cap from a 1974 Datsun. A red one.

Yeah, I trip over absolutely anything. But this morning, when picking up a fork, I caught a large, heavy mug as it jumped at the floor, so I'm one up today. I no longer ask why picking up a fork has anything to do with mugs trying to commit suicide.

No thank you, I'd rather play a memory game with Joe Biden on my team

Heroes of the Stupud

Our public utilities are on the internet, some unprotected from the public. The other day someone found the controller for a lake's plumbing, not passworded.  We know this isn't the only one. There's electricity generators, grids, water, etc.  It is absolutely no surprise there are hackers and these utilities need to protect themselves from damage (including foreign damage). Considering cyber warfare...

Elizabeth Warren says the rich must pay her 'wealth tax' because they've benefitted from public schools and infrastructure.

SJW Entertainment

New York mayor De Blasio's plan is: art and cultural institutions with predominately white workers that refuse to change their ways risk losing up to 10 percent of city funding. These nonprofits now receive a total $117.2 million in taxpayer cash.     Yes, folks, hire minorities or lose.

Vice magazine: Banning flavored vapes might be good for teens. It also might be racist.

Speaking of Candidate Biden:  Male convicts that identify as female will be housed with women. "In prison the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is not what in fact the prison says it is."  Yep, I definitely identify as female. Now house me with the women!

Headline: 'My girl became the youngest trans toddler.. at just three years of age'
Oh yeah? I knew at birth my baby was trans.

Monday, October 7, 2019

A Watched Elephant Never Flies

Shit got hacked. 
Info got taken.

Also, here's another completely disheartening flaw, in your SIM card, by which hackers can hijack your phone with a simple text. There's a great bit in the article about a private company that works with governments using this for 2 years for surveillance.  soooo.... tired...

Lions can see in the dark. Know what else can see in the dark?
Humans. With infrared goggles.
And pussycats.
Know what this means?
It means that dogs with infrared goggles are lions.

RIP Ginger Baker (80) - Cream, Blind Faith, etc

Dear lefty

  • What was my biggest mistake?
  • Performing oral in back alleys for $10. 
  • (the going rate is $20)

Today I identify as: the F22 Osprey aircraft - for every hour in the air, there's 16 hours of maintenance.

  • BREAKING: Chimpanzee on the loose in Santa Fe, Texas, harassing residents and reportedly attempting to steal cats
  • Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Please tell me what to think.

NPR (yuck) Fresh Air (yay) had an interview with the author of a book about Sidney Gottlieb. You can find a transcript online. Sidney worked for the CIA, who wanted to start looking into mind control, for the purposes of spying and carrying information, unknown to the courier (Manchurian Candidate). Thus began MK-ULTRA in 1953. Gottlieb ran the program, which included electric shocks, sleep deprivation, personality wiping, LSD, repetitive audio reinforcement over weeks, and heaven knows what else. This also ran in Toronto.

Gottlieb eventually went away and in 1975, the Church Committee discovered who he was, via exposing MK-ULTRA. Gottlieb went straight to the records warehouse and destroyed everything. On the stand, he developed an incredible case of memory loss, almost as bad as the people he tortured. The politicians didn't really know the extent of the program so they let him go.

The leftovers are slogging around Canada and the US. Broken people, some with their memory wiped, so they don't know their own families. Some with multiple personalities. Some developed alcohol and substance abuse issues. Some just wander in and out of hospitals.  A few people sued and got settlements.

Gottlieb was friends with Frank Olsen, who was thrown jumped out of a hotel window and died. Eventually President Ford admitted to it, met and apologized to the family, and awarded them compensation.

This is your tax dollars and your government. This is what we know. Imagine what we don't know. MK-ULTRA was closed down, but you're a fool if you think the work stopped.

No thank you, I'd rather have sex with Charlie Sheen

  • Little Feat, one of my favorite bands, is celebrating its 50th birthday. Tune in and watch them play a few songs. RIP Lowell George and Ritchie Hayward.

Direct from the NSA:
Discover more about our commitment to protecting civil liberties and privacy in our 1st semi-annual NSA Civil Liberties and Privacy Officer Report.   Cut it out. Stop. Next up: Dick Cheney's report on making and keeping friends.

  • Did you hear about the partying dyslexic?  He swallowed the LDS.

Faceyspaces suspended the Israeli Prime Minister's page for 24 hours over 'hate speech'.  I'm laughing too hard to find the link.

Everybody's favorite always mad lady, AOC (see below), says it is 'barbarism' that the US does not guarantee a 'right' to housing.  Everybody's most-tolerated blogger, lefty, says if this is true, when is she paying my mortgage?

It Has Started.
2 men from the Netherlands have been arrested for trespassing at Area 51. One told police he was a YouTube personality. They were arrested 3 miles inside the gate.

But but but... I'm famous! I'm a YouTube celebrity! People love and respect me! They get up early just to see my videos.. I'm popular. An influencer. Girls like me. Really. YouTube celebrities don't lie.

I've never been to Nevada, but I understand it's incredibly difficult to get near the gate, no less 3 miles in. They have vibration sensors and audio. They have very serious men in camo, with the guns people want taken away. They are private security and call the sheriff to arrest interlopers. The sign says shooting is authorized. You can search YouTube for videos of people trying to get in and watch what happens. They're watched the entire time by the guards. The moment someone crosses the line, they're there. Claiming they were 3 miles inside doesn't seem to fit with reality. Add the fact that the base knows The People From Faceyspaces are coming, and you smell something off. As Flounder said, about the upcoming hordes....

Heroes of the Stupid

A North Carolina woman cut off her husband's penis after tying him up. Deputies found the severed limb and gave it to medics.  All together now - OUCH

SJW Silliness

Dateline San Francisco, California: SJW Central has just announced that White blood cells are a tool of the patriarchy and will be renamed Pink blood cells, to be inclusive. The red blood cells will absolutely not work because Trump Hat, so the red blood cells will identify as blue.  [ThermionicEmissions, by lefty]

Illegal alien charged for alleged sex with a cow arrested again. Things sure must be different south of Texas.

Pete Buttigieg, presidential democratic candidate: Using a straw or eating a burger means you are 'part of the problem'

Why the way we teach kids table manners is actually kind of racist
The message that eating food with your hands is unmannered is dripping with the control and shame of colonization - and we need to rethink our idea of "good manners," says chef and food activist Joshna Maharaj.   Food Activist? Me too - everybody eat a candy bar.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Words Hurt - Here Are Some of Them

Here's a really disheartening article on another Google misdeed: selling you to advertisers.

  • Last week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to brand the National Rifle Association a "domestic terrorist organization."

Dear lefty

  • How many pees are in pea soup?
  • No.

Today I identify as: an Abrams tank. Loud, obnoxious, deadly, and gets just under 1 mpg.

  • Until 1990, it was illegal for homosexual foreigners to enter the US.

No thanks, I'd rather make sweet love to Nancy Pelosi

  • There's only 510 messages in my inbox. It's going to be a good day.

"We may not imagine how our lives could be more frustrating and complex--but Congress can." - Cullen Hightower

Now that Hasbro has Monopoly that addresses gender pay gap (see below), I have some ideas for new versions of Monopoly:

  • Misgender Monopoly - men get thrown in jail for misgendering opponents
  • Racist Monopoly - go to jail for being a racist, which you already are. Black people get all the properties for Reparations.
  • Libertarian Monopoly - no rules or penalties, so long as you don't commit aggression. If you go to jail, it's your own damn fault.
  • Shame Monopoly - anyone fat/slut/boob shaming loses their property to the person they shamed. Then everybody shames them.
  • Crackhouse Monopoly - you give all your money to social issues so you can give your money to them again when nothing happens.
  • Social Justice Warrior Monopoly - cis white hetero males aren't allowed to buy property. $500 extra for punching someone who disagrees with you. Extra bonus for brightly colored hair and unwashed clothes.

Heroes of the Stupid

A Haverford College student (at the time) pled guilty to trying to hack the IRS to obtain President Trump's tax returns.   Let's hack the IRS - what could possibly go wrong?

According to the New York Post, broke men are hurting marriage prospects for American women.   Feminism has worked out well, hasn't it?

Last week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to brand the National Rifle Association a "domestic terrorist organization."

A Staten Island teen on vacation with her mother, was arrested in Russia for pot.  She wasn't arrested for the pot - she was arrested for being stupid enough to carry.

Kamala Harris: ‘Emotionally, It’s Hurtful’ When People Attack My Criminal Justice Record

SJW Skills

"Hey guys" seems innocuous but you should try a different greeting. You're normalizing a term that misgenders and is not inclusive.  [@nowthisisnews Twitter]

Hasbro launched Ms. Monopoly, the board game that addresses gender pay gap; Women make more than men.   Good going, Hasbro... you're addressing pay gap by instituting pay gap.

The BBC is teaching children that there are over 100 genders.

Last week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to brand the National Rifle Association a "domestic terrorist organization."

This issue brings us a first: Response to ThermionicEmissions
from Anonymous in SF.

I'm really surprised that they took time out of their schedule to vote that... they're super busy making sure all the city street names are gender-neutral.   first things first!
They should rename the council to the People's Front of Judea.
'ok ok.. besides the fiscal stability, the massive oil and tech industries and the tax base they provide oh,, and all the farmers... providing CA with the best produce ..they're all Republicans..
.. What have the conservatives ever done for US?

I rest my thong, Your Honor

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

My friends call me lefty. You can call me MR. lefty

I have Good News and Bad News

The good news: the monthly blog stats are in
The bad news: the monthly blog stats are in

The good news: we have 4 steady readers
The bad news: half of them are on strike

The good news: no one bothers me about the content
The bad news: because if they did, I'd produce more of it

I have a new page to read. Above the main page, see "It was a short 80 years"

The Car Show

We just got back from our personal car show. I'm not sure why it's our personal car show... perhaps because it's our only car show. With shorts and a clean t-shirt, I felt overdressed. Perhaps I should look into nicer parts of the city - I like it when I'm the ugliest and strangest on the block.

It's always a fun time at the car show, even if you're not a fan of cars. There's all sorts of things to see (mostly cars) and some local businesses. There was a truck selling bbq brisket cheesesteaks. I don't know where you live, but I'm from Philly, the only place on the planet to get cheesesteaks. People know Philly for soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, and as a sanctuary city. Other states have places called 'Philly Cheesesteaks' or claim to make cheesesteaks, but they're pretty weird: they cut up bits of real steak and put it on bread. BBQ brisket cheesesteaks are something that doesn't actually exist in nature. BBQ is the very tasty universal umbrella that covers everything smoked. Brisket is tasty in any of its many forms, including bbq. Cheesesteak? Cheesesteak has absolutely nothing to do with bbq, like truck bumpers have nothing to do with ice cream.  It's physics.  So we looked but didn't try. The name itself, combined with the fact you couldn't smell it coming from the truck discouraged us.

There was funnel cake.
This is another weird food that has absolutely nothing to do with its name (or reality). My wife loves it, but can't eat it anymore, due to PTSD.  No, really. We ordered some at the Jersey Shore and within seconds, an entire squadron of armed flying rats attacked the funnel cake. It was just like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, only less funny. Well, it was pretty funny to watch, but that's just me.

There were all sorts of sun-protective tents, under which sat vendors, local folks, and replacement windows (I saw a replacement window stand at a guitar show - these people are really reaching). For my money, the most fun were the politician tents. I don't think there were any actual politicians there, but there were a lot of tents. One had 10 candidate signs, but no political affiliation. Clever (I guess). I was just about to ask when I saw on the table a camo had that said Trump. By Jove, I know which party this is!  They were very nice and accommodating, offering me candy, water, a seat, anything. They didn't blink when I told them I'm a libertarian. They were next to the 6th grade bake sale tent. I'm all for supporting locals, but for some reason I'd rather donate money than purchase 6th grade baked goods. The bump in that icing looked like it was moving.

Speaking of which, we ran into one politician, with whom we are acquainted. Nice lady. Might even have voted for her at some point. I told her I had a great idea for her - since she's running, she can run as a libertarian! She visibly flinched and moved back. "But I'm not a libertarian." I told her that was ok, we just needed to get the name out. In all my years as a libertarian, I've been laughed at, poo-pooed, and blankly stared at, but this was the first visible flinch. She went on to tell us that if she were going to run as an independent, she'd go with the workers party. Never heard of that.... she explains it's actually the Workers Party. They're farther left than the democrats. I couldn't help myself and asked if it's possible to be farther left then the dems. She said absolutely. If she could see inside me, she'd see me internally flinching. I tried with all I had to be socially correct and not be a dick. Wife and many others repeatedly remind me that I have to control myself when they let me outside. This whole social thing reminds me why I blog... it's too much work to be nice and polite.

We bought some bones for Penny from The Dog Bone Guy. Boy, it's a good thing he doesn't sell viagra. He had a small crew of Bernese Mountain Dogs with him, who were overjoyed to see us. I thought they were going to adopt me (I would have been ok with that). Penny went insane for the bone, and sniffed my shirt for a while, smelling OTHER DOGS. Bernese Mountain Dogs (Berners, for short) came from Bernese, where they scale the mountains, looking for lost Saint Bernards. And you believe this because I typed it with authority.

People watching is a hobby. Laughing at people is a way of life. Getting blog material is paramount. We started with our favorite game: Is she pregnant or just fat? We never saw so many ugly critters in one place - and that was just the kids. Unlike the kids, the dogs were well-behaved.

The theme was car show, which is why I haven't said much about it.
We saw lots of 60 year old men, reliving their childhoods through cars they drove to school. We saw lots of 60 year old women, reliving their childhoods with very tight pants and too much makeup. The even older folks were the car owners, some who bought the cars new. I call foul, because if I bought a car in 1957, you would not be able to eat off the engine today. In fact, you'd have a hard time finding the engine. There were some really nice cars, long before my time, which made it confusing when the owners were younger than me. It's some sort of dark magic - like how Jennifer Aniston looks like that at 50. No.

Today all cars have the shifter on the floor. They were on the column at one time, automatic and manual. I saw my first 1970s Chevy with a floor automatic. Going way back in history, the switch for the brights was on the floor, under the emergency brake pedal. Some cars had automatic transmissions operated with buttons on the dash. I really liked the fully restored 50s and 60s cars with cd and mp3 players in the dash. One of the SUVs had a laptop on a stand, like in police cars. The rest of the cars had 8 tracks. <-- that's probably not funny to anyone born after 1980.

If I had lots of discretionary income, after buying most of the expensive lefty guitars on the planet, I'd probably get a late 60s Caprice and drive it daily. We could park another car in the back seat, in case anything happened. Even the smallest cars all had more seat and legroom than anything made today. Some even had bench seats up front (sigh). When you have a dog, you have to have bench seats, so the dog can sit up there with you. This fails miserably with today's single seats (unless you have a rodent breed dog who rides in your pocketbook or cell phone case). There were also two 3-wheel cars, one commercial and one homemade. I understand physics (no I don't) but these things give me the creeps. They look like they're going to roll over as soon as you start them. One had the single wheel in the back, the other in the front. They both looked equally clumsy. I prefer my rides to have a minimum of four wheels. Also a maximum of four wheels.

They had a live band.
The previous sentence is me attempting to be socially acceptable. The old lefty would have written that the alleged band hurt the ears of everybody within 100 yards. The guitar playing just hurt, the singer couldn't, and even if he could, the p.a. was too distorted for anyone to know. But the new lefty just says there was a live band. Look at my muthafunkin progress, yo!

On the way out, I was informed about a group of cheerleaders posing for pics with the cars. Mrs lefty said those two words, designed to chill the very heart of men: Cheerleaders and Fourteen. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I told her I didn't even want to look, because I could probably get arrested for it. I saw them later and thought these girls are going to be popular and make all other girls feel like dirt. Then they'll start on the guys... they will make some guy's life utterly miserable.

I kid... it was fun.
The sad part, as if there could be one, was that it's kind of an end of summer celebration. I dread winter. Never mind that I barely leave the house.. I like to know I could be out in the sun and warmth.

Until next year.....

Frank Zappa, drawn by fan Matt Groening (The Simpsons)

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Quantum Physicals

Quantum physics is positively fascinating. We have so much to learn about something earth-shattering, that will fundamentally affect the way we live and understand Life, the Universe, and Everything.

We were taught in school (when we bothered going) that electrons were the basic building blocks of everything. The joke was on us (the ones who always went). Quantum particles are very small. Incredibly small. Very Infinitesimally small and tiny. The universal measurement is the width of a human hair. Quantum particles are as large as a Chevrolet but a microscopic bit of a human hair. In fact, one can't even see a quantum particle under an electron microscope, because, as I told you, electrons are the building blocks of everything (but only if you showed up).  Plus, you can't have an unimaginable amount of quantum particles under a microscope, in case they multiply, leave the slide, and get Totally Out of Hand; partying in the lab, consuming mass quantities of brownies and diet soda, and calling the lab techs' girlfriends. The joke is on us this time, because lab techs don't have girlfriends, or they wouldn't be in the lab. Ergo semper fi.

Albert Einstein, noted German and smart fellow, said he wanted nothing to do with quantum physics because he refused to believe that the moon went away when he wasn't looking at it.

Quantum particles have an amazing property: when they're bonded (via quantum sex), they are bonded for life (unlike Earth), regardless of distance. After bonding, if one particle is in the US and the other is in China, one will affect the other. This is only a problem if the particle in China is a capitalist. This means you can have a particle on Earth and the other on Mars, both operating as if they were next to each other - faster than the speed of light. No matter how fast something goes, nothing can go any faster than the speed of gossip, especially when it's about you. This bodes well for quantum teleportation, like Star Trek's transporter. In fact it's being tested now... thus far they've managed to teleport William Shatner's rug to the next room. It's hysterical to watch him running around, looking for it.

Quantum particles can be in two states, a particle or a wave. Consider the particle a little dot. Consider the wave a pebble in a pond, or waving goodbye to this stuff because it's wave too confusing. But wait - it gets better! They can flip states even faster than a man identifying as a woman. Their state.... wait for it... is determined by observation. No, really.  If you're watching the particle, it's a particle. If you cover your eyes, it's a wave (like RuPaul). Tests to prove this have been done as far back as one hundred years ago, when the wave was much younger and weighed less.  Historical footnote: Albert Einstein said there were no tests because he did not observe them.

In the end, you can't measure any of this stuff, because it sees you watching and changes state. This is called the uncertainty principle. It's like trying to decide between two colors of shoes. This is where the many worlds theory comes in handy, ladies, because you get both.

Just because this isn't confusing enough, there's the many worlds theory. This is where a particle can be in two places at once. You can make a decision, but make a different decision in a different universe. This makes it much more fun to go shoe shopping (ladies).

This brings us to string theory. Surely you've heard of string theory: it's two words you drop at a party to sound deep. It describes the actions of the lady behind the counter at a bakery. After you order a bunch of cookies in a white box, the lady grabs about a hundred feet of string and wraps all of it around the box. When you get home, you are completely unable to open the box because of the string. Even though there's a knot at the top, you can't pull the string and get it to unwrap. String theory is often discarded because it's frequently bloody. You can't even cut the stuff with scissors - you need commercial welding equipment.

How do we find these particles?  Science is actively working on this issue right now. There is a facility in the US and another in one of those countries where it snows a lot, called CERN. They have these incredibly huge ovals underground, where they race particles. They put a particle in one side and one in the other side, yell THREE, TWO, ONE and send them hurtling toward each other. The line for this job goes back into the next country.. who wouldn't want to race particles at each other, like Gomez Addams with trains? This is done on a sealed racetrack and viewed on monitors in the control room. How any of this generates quantum particles, nobody knows. They just like crashing stuff into other stuff.

Then we reach dark matter. Nobody can actually see it, so it's only theoretical at the moment, like antimatter or the twenty three trillion dollar US deficit. According to scientists at the Made This Up University, dark matter is eighty five percent of the universe. They theorize that while you're standing there, there are trillions of particles of dark matter passing through you every second. Whether or not this is true, the Ku Klux Klan is very nervous and strenuously objects.

There is a mad rush to build a quantum computer. You can infer that it will be very minute, but they'll have to make it really big so everyone can plug their Fitbits into them and take selfies. How will they build this wonder? How the hell should I know... I compose a nonsensical blog. They way it is described, quantum bits (qbits) have three states: on, off, and both. From this description, you can tell qbits are female. Somehow they wrangle these qbits and stuff them into a tiny little box, inside the aforementioned bigger box, and before you can say "antidisestablishmentarianism in the milieu of the cosmic particle theory," you have something you can sell as a quantum computer, to the government, at billions each, plus monthly fees. Microsoft is already working on Windows for Quantum Computing. Just loading it into the computer will make it larger than the warehouse built to house it. At that point, it will support only the particle, not the wave. This will be fixed in a future upgrade, they swear.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Ants in My Toilet, Skip to Loo Two

Many GPS trackers are shipped with the default password 123456. Many users don't change them.  In fact, many users change their other passwords to 123456.

Hurricane Dorian did untold damage to the Bahamas. It's even worse than anyone thought, with 200+mph winds. Although not a US territory, they asked for aid. Nassau is the staging ground. They need everything and are grateful for the aid. Nancy Pelosi hosted a gathering of Congress to see what they could do. Their solution was to officially blame Trump for the hurricane.

Fortunately, Dorian was downgraded to a Category One hurricane. Gavin Newsome, governor of California, introduced legislation to restore Dorian to Category Five, because he doesn't want Dorian's feelings to be hurt by the downgrade.

Speaking of the CIA, George H.W. Bush's Maine home was demolished by a hurricane in 1991. He had the hurricane shot and buried where no one would find it.

  • AUSTRALIA: Around 2,000 people have planned a massive barbecue in Perth, outside the home of a vegan woman who took her neighbour to court because she could smell barbecued meat in her backyard.

A Beijing company has cloned their first cat, Garlic (great name).
They started with dogs, but things turned evil and now they clone cats. This is a metaphor for things to come.

Having had four dogs is an education in cleaning, mostly vacuuming. We have gone through untold amounts of vacuums, with all sorts of failures and excuses. I know in the past that people managed to have dogs without their houses looking like an assembly line to make stuffed animals. The first 3 dogs were black, which did a tremendous job of remaining hidden, unless you were wearing white. Penny is red, which is like golden with a red tinge. After a few trips in the car, it is now full of red hair (including the roof). Within an hour of getting out, people ask passengers if they have a dog. The bigger issue is the rug in the house. This rant will repeat each time I vacuum (yearly). Our cheap little vacuum, which surprised us by outperforming expensive ones, can pick up a Tesla. Unfortunately it can't pick up dog hair, preferring instead to equitably redistribute it across the room, like Socialism for Dog Hair.  It's like a huge red tint on the carpet. For Christmas we're deciding on whether to build a new dog, or somehow graft it to the places where it's missing on my head.

Every now and then I like a phrase or name that rolls off the tongue pleasantly. The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band is not one. This was a band featuring Neil Innes, who went on to write music for Monty Python and appear in their movies and shows.

The malicious former dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, died at age 95 in Singapore. The avowed socialist died in a different country, being attended to by private doctors, in a private hospital.  [Sky News]  Quick - somebody call Bernie!

Speaking of Comrade Bernie, he is under fire for intimating that we should use abortion for population growth, against climate change.

Buoyed by the interest in this position, Bernie released a couple more 'good ideas' he has:

  • Nuking China to get rid of those horrible white masks
  • Poisoning the water to eliminate North Korea's ridiculous hairdo
  • Killing baby seals to protest Japan's whaling industry
  • donating a few of his houses to fellow comrades who don't have one

No thank you, I'd rather tell the president he's wrong about something.

Dear lefty

  • Things are just starting and I'm already tired of the 2020 elections. Who should I vote for?
  • Sirhan Sirhan

Unfortunately, Sirhan was recently stabbed in jail. While recovering, the rest of the unit decided to show their support by giving him a nickname. Say hello to Sirhan 'Sirhan' Sirhan.

Heroes of the Stupid

Jussie Smollett lawyers: Even if actor faked attack, cops didn’t need to investigate it so vigorously.

SJW Sightings

Sacramento bar under fire for new dress code which critics call a modern-day 'WHITES ONLY' sign

When you tell women and girls to learn self-defense, or carry weapons against rapists, you're not reducing rape. You're just saying "let him rape someone more vulnerable."

Stop calling for dystopias. Start working to end patriarchy. Make a world BEYOND RAPE.  [Twitter]

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A Ten Hour Tour - ZZ Top

Huge fans of that 'lil old band from Texas,' we got tickets and were on our way.
A friend said how much easier it was to take public transportation, which literally drops you off at the door.  Since this is Beautiful Downtown Camden, New Jersey, we figured why not. Getting there by car is a pain in the ass, but we always get lost on the way back because New Jersey has a state law prohibiting street signs, and the few signs there are have been turned around, so you head into the more interesting neighborhoods.

One cannot simply use public transportation; one must look at maps, color coded, going in directions you didn't know were directions, and stopping at streets that might be the ones you know, or are similar on both sides of the river, spanning two states. The first map wasn't 100% clear on how this was going to happen. The other maps were ads for someone's app. Finally we found 2 sites that agreed with one another, so we went with those. Little does anybody know, they just have the same errors on them.

All this involved 2 simple train rides, one under a huge bridge, a few thousand feet over water, right near where the planes fly. I've seen these trains when I drive, but thanked heavens that I'd never be on one. Til last night.

We parked in downtown Philly, which meant a $25 ransom, because Philly thinks it's New York. Philly has a lot of delusions - this is only one of them. Off we walked, to the subway. On the way, there was a very colorful parade. Many people standing around. It suddenly occurred to me that there was not a single woman in the pack.


Past the club, some dude was looking at me. What the hell does this guy want?  Wife bursts out into laughter....

Didn't you catch any of that?
Any of what?
You got the full staredown, head to toe.
About 80% percent of the guys hanging outside the club were eyeing you up and down.
Not again.
Oh yeah, and that last guy...
The one who annoyed me because he didn't look away, as society dictates?
Oh yeah. You're fresh meat.
Thank God I have you with me to explain all this. It took a while for me to figure out it was a gay bar.
Absolutely - this is a very gay area. Lots of great bars. I used to come here with Bob.
That's nice. Everyone should have somewhere to play. However, we should probably cancel our plans to see that cool little town where you like to shop.
Yeah, probably.
I like the place, but an awful lot of the place liked me. Way too much.
Yeah, you must put out signals.
Very funny. Can we walk by some lesbian bars, so I can return the favor?

I am not an attractive fellow. This isn't a complaint.. it's simply reality. You won't see me on GQ anytime soon, as in ever. I'm ok with that. I look like some scrufty.. ummm... musician? Wife says it can't be that bad or she wouldn't have noticed me. Meh - we all have bad taste in something.

We finally found the subway, which was completely unsigned and unmanned, so we had to figure out everything by ourselves. No problem, as the few signs left were in Swahili, so we had to use the braille bumps. The only problem is that neither of us speaks braille. You used to buy a ticket from a person, then go through the gates. In the name of prog regress, there are no humans. But it wasn't totally negative... it didn't smell like urine anymore. Once on the train, we were almost happy to discover it was the correct train, going in the correct direction. Wife turned pale when she saw we were heading to City Hall. It was New Jersey's City Hall, not Philly's.

The train dropped us in New Jersey. The map said we were going to a 'transportation center.' Only there was no transportation center. This doesn't mean there weren't transportation center signs all over the subway, each pointing in a different direction. None pointed up, which we discovered we had to go. One flight of steps and 10 minutes later (wife has a cane), we were at the top of the steps. Oh, look at that - an elevator. Unmarked. No matter, we'll use it on the way back. So, this transportation center... where is it?

It must've been close because there were absolutely no signs. New Jersey thinks signs confuse people, so there aren't any. We looked around, left the building, and looked around. Nothing. Zip. A lot of people smoking. Across the street was a building (I am very observant). I figured that was the transportation center, because it was unmarked. When we got there, the doors were locked. Of course the doors were locked, this was a transportation center. Some nice guy took pity on us and told us exactly where to get the tram. Then everybody wanted 40 cents or a cigarette. As we waited, there was a digital clock above us, giving us the time and the time of the train. This would have been quite a good idea, had both of the numbers stopped changing randomly. Down to our right, a homeless person had her belongings all over the benches and was talking to someone we could not see, but I was not going to be the one to tell here wasn't there. In fact, it looked like a tram stop, but was, in fact, a homeless gathering place.

Finally we realized we needed a ticket to board. We looked up and down the stop, and there wasn't a single ticket machine. Of course there wasn't a ticket machine; that's how things were going. Oh wait - I see one! Right across the tracks, on the side going the other direction. Of course it was on the other side. Off we went, our helpful friend saying not to bother, but we did anyway. Wife is dealing with the involved menu to purchase tickets, when some guy walks in back of the machine. No. NO. Please tell me NO! Yes. He was peeing on the ground. Wife was turning colors, unable to complete the transaction. I was mentally composing this blog. The other homeless people were appalled and started yelling at him.

As we were getting over how lucky we were to have been part of the spectacle, our tram pulled up. Only we were on the wrong side, thus 30 seconds too late to get on said tram. Of course we missed the tram... it wouldn't be right if we didn't. Another 20 minutes in paradise, til the next one. Oops, it's almost 30 minutes into the concert. Yay! Wife texted her friend that we were just hanging out in Beautiful Downtown Camden, with the nice drug addicted homeless folk, most of who really wanted to meet and chat with us about financial transactions. It was really not a place we were used to being, and swore we would never be again. Nowhere on the maps did it say WARNING: YOUR STATION IS IN THE WORST PART OF THE ENTIRE STATE AND YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT AROUND WITH DRUG-ADDICTED HOMELESS PEOPLE AND NO SECURITY.  That would have been a useful sign, but as I said, there are no signs in New Jersey.

Finally the tram arrived, and 5 stops later we were at the concert. The sounds of the opener, Cheap Trick, wafted through the air. I have never seen Cheap Trick, so this was supposed to be an opportunity. It would have been an opportunity, had the entire ride not taken three hours. There was no warning sign about that either.

But fate was not done with me yet.. there was a patdown before entering. The guy in front of me said we could thank 9-11 for that. Here was a smart, perceptive fellow. Since they had lawn seats, people brought chairs. There was a huge table with chairs, so I thought it was nice that they supplied them. Ah, no. They took them away from people. I'm groaning under my breath, but at least it wouldn't affect us. The patdown really pissed me off. Security Theater, just like airports. In the Philly stadiums ($50 parking, $250 seats), there are metal detectors. After surviving the groping, without them buying us dinner first, off we went to find the seats. When I commented to the Groper that she had the good gig, she said not anymore, as she was leaving in 2 more shows. I thanked her for that bit of wisdom.

Of course when I say off we went to find the seats, I mean off we went to get a soda. As I took a sip, I asked what she bought. Pepsi. Pepsi. Who the hell puts a Pepsi stand in a concert venue (or restaurant, hot dog stand, or store). Wife hates Pepsi too, so I'm not entirely sure why we were drinking Pepsi. They also failed to have Mountain Dew, the only acceptable Pepsi product. PERFIDY.

Looking up, there was a screen with Cheap Trick performing inside. Finally, we get to go in. And when I say go in, I mean go into the bathroom. The doctors say I have to remain calm and even gave me medicine to keep myself calm. There were no marked bathrooms - only a few doors into the concert. And I finally lost it. It was a stream of expletives that would get me jailed or committed (or both) in any public place in the country, except New York, where you get arrested if you don't perform Public Lunacy. Wife is not fond of my little breaks from sanity, but it was so loud, no one heard it but her.

We have different 'styles.' Mine goes from place to place, in a straight line. It just goes. Hers initially goes in a straight line, with at least 12 circular departures, shopping, soda purchasing, straight line, stopping for ice cream because the kids want some, straight line, stopping for the bathroom. I can generally keep myself quiet, like Charlie Manson, but it had become too much for me.

The usher-like lady said down and to the right. Where there were people sitting already. We communicated by hand signals and braille to let them know those were our seats. Eventually he pointed out, hands ablaze, that the usher had given us incorrect directions - it should've been down and left. Well, left.. right.. it's an easy mistake for someone who works there and seats thousands of people a night.  They were good seats. We were pleased with them.

If you ever get a chance to see Cheap Trick, you should. I don't know more than 4 of their songs, but they were very entertaining. Rick Neilson, the guitarist, is a master of the stage, not to mention one of the first rock star vintage guitar collectors. He's known for his 5 neck guitar. He was all over the place, like a mad ringleader. I enjoyed them. Unfortunately, the mix sucked, so we couldn't make out a lot. Sound systems have become better exponentially, but a bad mix is a bad mix.

A row in front of us was a vision. She was the kind of girl who shows up and there's light around her. She even has a sound.... a celestial sound (ahhhhh). She was petite (my type), but still had everything in every right place (my type), with tight jeans (sometimes my type) and a short top with no bra (definitely, completely, undeniably my type). Even the Mrs. noticed her and pointed her out to me. She was moving in this hypnotic way, slithering, curving, dancing, and moving side to side in the most incredibly rhythmic motion. Never mind that she was young.. she was a vision. When I returned to reality, she was grinding on her boyfriend. Then sucking face with him. Then taking selfies (during the entire show). Then grinding again, stopping only to drink beer. Even a vision has its limits. When the Top played, everyone stood, as they should. Unfortunately we were in the row that started sitting - every row in back of us was sitting. Every row in front of us was standing. We were actually the demarcation line for sitting. Wife cannot stand for too long, so we sat. There were huge, clear monitors on each side, where we had to watch the concert, while the drunk lovebirds continued their drunk, chemically assisted writhing. Finally we decided that we didn't pay for tickets to watch the band on screens, so we found seats further down the row. I was terrified because they looked like they were moving with us, so our view could continue to be obscured. Wife also pointed out that she was completely obsessed with selfies, and he kept looking around to make sure everybody was watching them annoy us, and most of the people around us. The spot was good, and I got some decent shots on my phone's camera; which makes everything look half a mile away, even if you're 20' from the stage.

ZZ Top pointed out that this is their 50th year as a band, to thunderous applause. Most things said were greeted with thunderous applause. The mix was substantially better too. These guys always rock, and always put on a spectacular show. Unfortunately it was a short show, with no encores. But it was vintage ZZ Top - hits and good old stuff. I caught them using a backing track during Legs, but I think that was it.  Wife pointed out that Dusty (bass) and Frank (drums) were wearing arthritis gloves. Well, the whole band is gittin up there.

I was aggravated from the entire circus just to get there, so I couldn't enjoy the concert. Public Transportation should buy us tickets, front row, for the next stop on the tour, plus a meet and greet, where the Reverend Willy G would sign my #1 guitar. But I woke up. We boarded the tram for the first ride back. Just as we were purchasing tickets (sans urine), they told us to just get on the train. Ok, we got on the train and waited. And waited. And watched all sorts of interesting people fill up the tram. And waited. The crowd was largely older than us, as I guess should be normal for this band, and some of them dressed as if they were much younger than us. If you have 40lbs to lose, don't wear pants so tight no one can find the zipper. If your shirt has holes in it on purpose, try not to have skin (or anything else) protrude from them. It's a courtesy to fellow riders who want to be able to eat sometime the following week.

The tram dropped us off on the ticket side of the drug-addicted homeless encampment, only some fat lady with a cart pushed right past the Mrs to get off the tram. Said Fat Lady was lucky to be allowed to live.... one does not piss off the Mrs. With or without cane, she will kill you. Or make you wish you were dead (there's a marriage joke in there somewhere, but I shall wisely avoid making it). The throng of Dirty White Folk and overweight people hanging out of their clothes made their way past the Dirty Drug-Addicted Homeless Folk and located their track. It would have been an interesting football game. We found the elevator, a minor miracle, and it didn't smell. Much.

Poof, we were back in Philthydelphia. As much as I hate Philly, it beats Camden, New Jersey. We discovered the train took us right to the parking garage. Wife laughed, as she mused that we weren't going to pass by the Gay Area, where she could watch 80% of the men checking me out. I neglected to laugh as hard, remembering that entire city block in the quaint town, when she pointed out I was incredibly popular. Now I know what women feel like... a piece of meat. Not that I ever made them feel like that, but it was not comfortable. Why couldn't I be that popular with women? When we walk past any non-gay establishment, women don't all stop what they're doing and silently, wishfully, watch me walk by. Hell, I'd settle for 10%.  Before I was married, of course. She still cackled.

After locating the car park, which had moved a couple streets over since we parked the car, we took an elevator to the correct floor. On the wall was a sign: HOLD IT. Do not use this elevator as a bathroom, out of courtesy to the public.


Thankful to pay a small ransom to retrieve our car, I got the hell out. Then there were detours... Philly: You can't get there from here. If you can figure out a way, your tax dollars show up in holes you could put several cars in, manholes to run over and trash your suspension, lanes that appeared and disappeared randomly, complete assholes who are the only drivers on the road, so they can go the other way on a one way street, or pull out in front of you, as if you did not exist. When they're done flying by you, they slow to a crawl, 2 cars up, either drunk or stupid (or both). The absolute worst are the pedestrians. A brief perusal of the PA drivers manual told me I was not allowed to run them over. They were leaping out from all sides, entitled to be in the middle of the street, in the middle of traffic. And this did not include the drug-addicted, who stood in the middle of the street, as if it were a line for a cheesesteak Fortunately, Wife knows her way around, so we only got lost twice.

Since it was almost 1am, it was time for dinner. Who sleeps before work anyway?

Before I went to bed, I asked her if we were going that way next time, or driving. She had to think about it for a microsecond. I did not require even half a microsecond. I decided we won't have those problems EVER AGAIN. When we drive someplace we don't know, it tends to get a little heated. When I say a little heated, I mean like the Allies against Germany, but not as well-mannered (or quiet). I'd rather scream the entire 2 hours there and pay $40 for parking in the regular spot when we specified handicapped spot.

The friend who said public transportation was a breeze?  We're not speaking to him anymore.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Existence is Futile [Borg updated]

Hey, how bout those Teslas..  The Teslas that every owner just got locked out of, with an "Unknown Error."  Customer Service lines are melting. Nobody knows. Unless you have the key card and fob, you're fsckd.

YouTube will be fined up to $200 million over COPPA investigation.
Staff in an uproar - that's the weekly toilet paper budget for the Executive 

In a race with the government and Google for most evil, Faceyspaces now has facial recognition for all users. Fuck yourself with a molten ingot.

Headline: Yahoo email users logged in to discover email was broken.
Real Headline: People use Yahoo email.

Google's spellcheck for bloggers is broken. Please excuse any errors (I read the first word or two of every other paragraph, so I'm not much help).

A mid 1800s (People's Republic of) California law criminalized able-bodied people not helping the police when requested. The governor struck down the law.  This goes nicely with the other governor who governed that no one should assist ICE in their sanctuary city. I'm trying to get our governor to decriminalize bank robbing and online bank hacking. And those really interesting adult businesses on the edge of town....

A different governor noted that hurricanes and fires are getting worse, but he's happy with what his party's doing (D - DisneyWorld).  The next presidential debate will note this climate change and officially blame Trump.

  • Hurricane Dorian hit Florida. Both were moving at 8mph.

Dear lefty

  • What's today's gripe?
  • Those guys I hired apparently didn't 'modify' your brake cable

Lefty guitarists, this is your once in a lifetime chance!
For only $399, you can buy a PRS Private Stock.... case.  I love ebay.

  • The brave protesters in Hong Kong have won: the extradition bill has been withdrawn. They fought for freedom, using American inspiration and slogans. We fight for more kitty picture on Faceyspaces.

Major automakers have agreed to equip nearly all US vehicles with systems to remind motorists of passengers in the back seat, in an effort to avoid deaths of young children left behind in hot cars.  Congress never met a topic they couldn't 'fix' with legislation. How long til it alerts the authorities?

  • Joe Biden had a press op at a Dairy Queen. He ordered a Whopper.

  • Seth Ator, the man accused of killing 7 people in Texas, was already barred from purchasing firearms due to mental disability.
  • He had also been calling police and the FBI for years, leaving incoherent messages. It's almost as if they weren't doing anything on purpose....

No thank you, I'd rather pull bugs out of my cereal

  • Best Tweet: If you think an AR-15 is too dangerous, you should check out the MK-Ultra.  @beinlibertarian

I think one of my credit cards is having a good time at my expense.
They send me ridiculous emails every day, with some magic offers, none of which are relevant, and none I want to receive. To make matters worse, they put stupid little graphics on the subject line. That alone merits punishment. Nobody puts emojis or whatever the hell they are in my email program.

So I showed them. Last week I went to their site and opted out from all their ridiculous emails. Then they showed me, by emailing garbage, as if I hadn't opted out. This morning, furious at the invasion of my mailbox (yes, before I took my meds), I went BACK to the site and again opted out of everything. HA!

When I got back from that, there was another email in my inbox. With an emoji. They have one week to fix this, before I have them strung up for spamming their customers. I will also have their pets adopted out to other families, and replaced with ostriches. Their blenders will all fail, and they'll have nothing but hand mixers. And their internet will all be G-rated. Do not mess with me.

  • 20 members of Boris Johnson's Conservative party have voted against him to prevent the UK from leaving the EU without a plan in place. They want a swimming pool.
  • Boris' plan to suspend UK Parliament ahead of Brexit is lawful, a judge in Scotland ruled.  Emboldened by the news, Boris will be firing all of his opponents.

Coworker Follies

ME: can you find the Bob List?
HIM: what's a Bob list?
ME: a list with 'Bob' in it. I'm assured it exists.
(5 minutes later)
HIM: found it. Would you like a screenshot or should I share my screen?
ME: (starting to shake head violently) Just tell me where it is, please.
HIM: it's in the Jimmy Box - go here, ask it for everything, and there you go.
ME: How does asking for everything give you the Bob List?
HIM: Ummm.. it just does.
ME: (looks, yells, removes paint from walls) Ok, send me the screenshot.
HIM: Here you go.
ME: Thank you. Now where on this screenshot is the word 'Bob'.
HIM: No, there's no Bob on that list.

At least he's consistent... he consistently aggravates me by consistently answering questions incorrectly.

One hour later....

HIM: Hey - I found the Bob List! It's here. I can get to it.
ME: do you plan on sharing it with me or did you just want me to know you found it?
HIM: It's easy.
ME: I remain in a waiting state. (eyeballs banging into each other)
HIM: hit the arrow button on the top left, next to the logo.
ME: pretty neat - let me give it a shot
ME: (searches around, cannot find an arrow) Ummm sorry, I don't have an arrow
HIM: I'm 5 steps ahead of you. I sent you a screenshot. (nothing if not disorganized).
ME: the arrow up top
HIM: yes!
ME: on the screenshot, you circled the arrow button up top... the BACK button on the browser.
HIM: Yup - it worked.
ME: You're telling me to hit the BACK button to make the Bob List come up.
HIM: Yes!
ME: We used to get vaccines so we didn't have people like you.
(5 minutes later)
HIM: I can't repeat this reliably.

Work is fun... we have these surveys... we are encouraged to fill them out. I enjoy filling out surveys, in the way I enjoy getting getting checked for.. whatever it is they're checking for when the doc puts his finger up your butt. This is made easier by the surveys being voluntary and anonymous. Yup, 100% voluntary. Right up til they notice I haven't filled it in and they contact my boss. Please do not deluge me with requests for job applications.

  • The dog has been quiet all morning, in her yard. This is odd. If she barks, she comes inside, so as not to annoy the neighbors.
  • Hours later, I go to the bathroom and have a seat.

Heroes of the Stupid

My behavior in bed is atrocious. Stop - this is G-rated.
According to a reliable source, who isn't the dog, I am quite entertaining. I start with Mattress Dancing, where I twitch, jump, and roll. When the warmup is done, I get to the main show: laughing, cursing, crying, and punching. I am horrified that I punched my wife.  When I wake up, I'm given a review of my performance: "I'll give it two fists, Bob."

No matter when or how I call my wife on the phone, I don't get through. If I text, she texts back, forgetting that it takes from an hour to 3 days for it to reach me. When I mention this, she says "Ida know..."  Reflecting on this, maybe the phone and the punching are subconscious.

SJW Stunts

Kansas university faculty wants Chik-fil-A banned from campus for fears of 'safety' and 'mental well being'. They believe the chain violates "safety and inclusion"  When do these people have time to teach?  Oh.

Council member says cleaning feces off Seattle streets with a power washer is racist.  It's getting worse when these headlines go under SJW and Stupid.

Porsche is making a leather-free version of its new Taycan electric sports car in the latest attempt by a German automaker to play up green credentials as environmental activists lobby for a boycott of the industry.  Then all the SJWs will buy a Porsche!

Well, mine is...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

This is the Edge. You've gone over me.

There has been a breakthrough in quantum teleportation.
Worth a read, even if just for the possibilities.

Commenting on Brexit, one of the people involved referred to Brexit as a Schroedinger situation, where people want to leave and stay at the same time. You don't hear this from US politicians.

What is wrong with the UK?
They just passed stringent censorship laws to make things 'safe' online.
Where are the free speech advocates?
I won't be surprised if some sites refuse to exist in the UK. This is what happened when GDPR hit: you'd see notices about the site not being available in those countries.


Ric Ocasek, singer from The Cars. (75)
Not a fan, but still...
Eliot Easton, however.....

Dear lefty

  • How many republicans does it take to change a light bulb?
  • None. Nothing will get done and they'll blame the democrats.
  • feel free to switch the parties around

I learned something today: right after Roe v Wade, a congressman introduced a bill to exempt medical personnel from performing abortions if it violated their religion or morals. It passed.  There is a suit pending from a nurse, 'forced' to assist in an abortion. Well, she had the right to walk out, but felt she would make too much of a big deal if she didn't, so she's suing. I guess one of the great things about our system is that anyone can sue anyone for anything (except if excepted by Congress). Prediction: she will win the suit, but damages will be limited because she didn't walk out when she had the chance.

  • It's late. Things are quiet. I can hear myself think. 
  • I preferred when it was early, loud, and I couldn't hear myself think.

For a guy who has always loved technology, and taking it apart, I sure hate technology. Turns out it's not just me.

I needed to have a conference with 2 family members... no problem... most phones allow you to do this. Not that the phones make it easy... I had to look it up because things don't come with manuals anymore. It's pretty easy to do (after reading how). Like most things, it wasn't obvious and the controls don't appear onscreen until you're in a call.

One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy... Party 2 answers. I call Party 3, who naturally doesn't answer. He calls back and I hit the Magic Merge Button, which hooks us all up. Well, sorta. Party 3 was popping in and out and sounded like he was inside a mariachi band. This is fine if you like Mariachi, but not so much if you like being able to talk. Technology Fail.

Party 2 uses a service where people can call in and be connected. So I do, and for some reason, it worked. My surprise was short-lived, when it simply disconnected. Upon reconnecting, Party 2 said he had to set the call up five times before we could connect (and get disconnected). Party 3 called in and we finally had a chat, because the Mariachi band was on break. When they came back, it kept breaking through the silence on his end. The Mariachi actually spoke more than he did, which was annoying (even if you like Mariachi). His phone connection was absolute crap too.

C'mon, people... it's 2019. Why are we still having so much trouble with ($&@ing cell phones? I joke that it's new technology and they need another 25 years to work out the bugs, but this is really sad. We also pay an absolutely ridiculous amount of money for this 'quality' coverage, compared to other countries.

Whoever said advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic was right. And needs to be shot.

Meanwhile, at my job, I got up and walked to someone else's desk to say hello. I regret that I have no pictures to post. On the positive side, you don't have to look at me (or my pictures). My coworkers all look like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell. And Oprah, during the 'large years.'

  • Opinion: US can slash healthcare costs 75% - interesting.

In my search for news, I spent a few minutes on Fox.
I watched Lindsay Graham go on about how the dems hate Trump. He scapegoated them for everything. Then he did a brief Warhawk speech on how al Queda and Taleban are threatening our security in Afghanistan.

Graham slipped and told two truths: the dems have Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Warhawks are even worse than anyone imagined.

We didn't get where we are because of one party: It's all a choreographed dance. They are at war.. with US.

Horrors Near Home

The picky niece has a new boyfriend. Good for her, she's tough.
He's black, she's white.
This isn't an issue for anyone except the grandfather, Sergeant Hitler. The patriarch has a bit of a racist streak, amongst others.
To everyone's shock and surprise, the Sergeant really liked the guy. Relief fell upon the masses.  [This is what's called a setup.] Here's a list of stuff we are trying to avoid saying when meeting the boyfriend:

  1. So you're the black guy...
  2. Niece - Is it true?
  3. Hey, we brought a case of grape soda.
  4. Are there black Jewish girls?
  5. Don't mind him - that's a dunce cap. Really.

  • Why do I like Ron Paul? I wind up agreeing with most of what he says.

So I'm sitting there, computing Important Things, then get up to get a soda. When I come back, there's a piece of donut by the computer. I am absolutely sure it was not there when I left. The dog is asleep on the couch. So how did the donut appear? I heard no noise.

Either the donut spontaneously appeared or the dog is a little sneakier than I thought. Hey- where is the dog getting donuts and why isn't she eating them?

  • No thanks, I'd rather be Trump's social media manager.

Feel-Good Story of the Week

There's store video of some thug going into a Philly cell phone store and pulling out his gun. The counter guy pulls out his legal concealed gun and shoots the guy. No charges filed (at present).

  • Johnson and Johnson has been fined for misleading marketing of opioids in Oklahoma. Johnson and Johnson is reeling from the historic $475 million fine. They claim assault over this most severe wrist-slapping.
  • Shuddering from thoughts of a drop in profits, the other pharmaceutical corporations are seeking a cap on damages. No one capped their sales...

Yeah, I tend to miss Popular Stuff. I didn't know Christina Aguilara is a Disney alumnus. Now we have to wonder how long til her inevitable breakdown and what it will look like. Shaving heads has been done, as has drugs, something that looks like multiple personalities, 'outrageous' behavior, being largely nude in public, and countless other stunts.

Heroes of the Stupid

After finding that some people fall for satire online, researchers at Ohio State University are advocating for the flagging of satirical articles so that people do not get confused. They claim falling for satire articles is a "problem for democracy."    Sick society.

Man fights off subway attacker in wild video as bystanders get out their cameras and record. No one helped.

SJW Strikes

"It's official, we have a 4 year old daughter! Waylon is now Willow. Took a LOT of paperwork to make the gender transition.    Child Abuse 101

FB bans Irish girl's account after saying her name is a racial slur.

A college professor was 'retired' from his job for things like social media posts about hitting the president with a baseball bat. This is unprecedented (being fired, not threatening harm to the president).

Thursday, September 12, 2019

If There's a Bustle in Your Hedgerow, See a Doctor

Malware found in android app CamScanner, with 100+ million users.

Boris Johnson (R-Blighty) asked the Queen to make a speech and shut down Parliament for a while, to keep Brexit plans in-place. Johnson says this has nothing to do with Brexit; there is important legislation to work on - more laws to hold up, more fighting to do, and more pressure on Parliament to have ridiculous haircuts (and new, taller hats). Asked for comment, the Queen said, "Huh? Are you talking to us?"

Scotland's representative said this is the action of a despot. She said a few other things, but nobody could understand them.

Critics have said this is a Constitutional Outrage, Absolutely Wrong, We Cannot Have This Sort of Thing, and some of them went so fas as to be Highly Miffed. They said Trump Johnson should be thrown out, possibly even for the weekend.

Things are so similar between the UK and US, when a member of Parliament is sick, they call Nancy Pelosi to have her send over a congressman.

Life is sweet, you get cancer and die.

RIP Eddie Money (Eddie Mahoney- 70). Guy gets a horrid reality show, revives his career, then finds out he has stage 4 esophageal cancer. He passed peacefully. Condolences to his family.

  • It's not that I've been married for a long time, but when I see an attractive lady, I say, "Boy, could I make her life miserable."

Dear lefty
  • Why are you so crusty all the time?
  • Why do you ask me questions all the time?

10 best sites to download free ebooks.

  • Be prepared - September is National Preparedness Month.
  • In the Old Days<tm>, schools had nuclear bomb drills, then fire drills. Now it's cybersecurity drills. During the exercise, they simulate Faceyspaces being down. That stopped after the first time, when students passed out and developed PTSD. Parents sued school districts for cruelty. Faceyspaces also sued, but you're not allowed to see the paperwork because they believe in privacy.

  • Dairy Queen has confirmed that their burgers are not made with human meat.   That's outrageous - who goes to Dairy Queen for burgers?

I love my coworkers.
One just texted me.

Her: Hi.
Me: I'm not here today. Hi.
  --> 2 minutes of total silence
Her: really?
Me: I can't say. Need to know only.
  --> more silence
Her: haha. Anyway, I have an issue.
Me: see a specialist.
Her: ha ha, can you help me or do it for me?
Me: No.
Her: lol

2 hours later....
Her: now that you've done the work and emailed it to me, how do I save the file you emailed?
Me: Call Microsoft and ask to speak to an Outlook Specialist.

1 hour later
Her: can I show you my screen?
Me: why?
Her: well this is what I get.
Me: yes, I know. You told me and I sent you the file.
Her: but I need you to send me the file.
Me: I already sent you the file.
Her: Oh, I didn't see it.
Me: [remembering] They already warned me about killing coworkers.

I love my coworkers.
I suspect another one of them uses their 8 hours to work a second job.

  • With the second weather-related state of emergency being declared in Puerto Rico, it occurs to me that Puerto Rico was a bad investment.

No thanks, I'd rather run over some nuns while drunk (me AND the nuns)

My father had a stroke or three.
I am typing this because you should know that people don't always hold up a sign saying I'M HAVING A STROKE. He just looked bad for a bit. We only noticed one side of his mouth droop and rushed him to the hospital. Fortunately he's a stubborn guy, like his son, and will eventually be ok. Tons of tests, watching for swallowing difficulties, and more tests. He walked into the emergency room, which says something. The other night, his advice for me was not to get sick. I will take him up on that immediately.

Watch carefully, ok? If someone looks bad, get them to their doctor quickly. If they look really bad, get them to the emergency room. The local hospital has a wonderful, kind staff; many of whom are very attractive. This is an important thing to watch for in hospitals.

The best thing I've seen so far: my mom waking my dad to ask if he's comfortable.

This is a 100% non-partisan post:
Why does every picture of AOC look like this?

She looks very unhappy. She is not an unattractive woman - if she smiles..does she smile?

Heroes of the Stupid

An Oklahoma woman forced kids to eat dog feces. She somehow avoided jail, perhaps because the judge enjoys some nice feces now and then.

A woman who stabbed her boyfriend 39 times during a sex game has been freed from prison. This must be what they call Rough Sex.

SJW Attacks

A Sydney, Australia, university will lower the engineering entry bar for females as a part of a plan to get more women into the field.  Do you want to live in a building designed by affirmative action engineers?

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Yet Another 9-11 Anniversary

Where were you that day? Were you born?

I was at work.
A coworker and private pilot came into the office and said someone flew a plane into the WTC.  Hmmmm... what kind of pilot would do this? The building seems pretty easy to miss. Somebody else did this recently.....the small plane hit the building and fell down, like a Wile E Coyote cartoon.

Coworker came back and said another plane hit.

It was 2001 - before the internet was the source for everything. I found streaming news video and we sat there, stunned. Already, the cries for revenge started surfacing. I tried to get a handle on my emotions, while viewing the carnage.

Work said that anyone who was having difficulty could be excused. I waved at my boss with a sad smile and left. On the way home, I tuned in news radio. People all over were glued to CNN.

BBC news said Building 7 had collapsed. They said this over 20 minutes before it collapsed.  One famous news anchor (Peter Jennings?) said the WTC collapse looked like controlled demolition. That was the first and last time that was said on-air.

We watched at home, still stunned. And we started to smell a rat.
Out of nowhere, very early that day, Osama binLaden was named as the person responsible. Almost as if scripted [the same thing happened in Dallas in 1963 - the responsible person was announced very quickly, via prepared press release].

All planes were grounded, except one Saudi plane, containing Friends of Bush. I called my friend the pilot, to make sure he was ok and see where he was. Fortunately, he was fine.

George Bush and EPA head Christie Whitman held a press op, standing on rubble, and assured everyone the air was fine to breathe. To this day, first responders are dying from cancer.

Pictures from the Space Shuttle/ISS showed the site burning for weeks afterward.

Some Knew in Advance

In 2000, some friends kept talking about New York.
Something bad is going to happen.
Do I need to watch out?
Nah, you're too far away.

Later on I recalled this conversation... they were talking about 9-11.

There's a scientific experiment going on, with results online. Essentially when you flip a coin, you have a 50% chance of heads or tails. Sometimes it varies, but always within a certain amount. The experiment went off the charts on 9-10, foretelling something big. There has never been a statistical deviation that large since then.  This is some quantum physics stuff I didn't make up.


On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference, stating that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 trillion. Something happened the next day and everybody forgot.

read The Top 10 Liberties Lost Since 9-11

Random Facts

  • The Air Force had planes, but didn't launch til late. There was a simulation going on, so everyone was confused. Simulations would be a flag for many nefarious activities to come.
  • You can't fly near the White House or Pentagon, not to mention over.
  • The 'pilots' were flight school dropouts.
  • They hijacked planes with box openers (?), which passed through security.
  • Many of the hijackers were found to be alive in other countries.
  • an ID was found in all that rubble, almost undisturbed.
  • Nothing crashed in Shanksville, PA. The debris pattern and lack of large, heavy parts gives it away.
  • There were other planes in the air around the 'crash' plane in Shanksville.
  • It takes incredible skill to hit low altitude targets, like the Pentagon.
  • Bush was spirited away and largely kept out of contact.
  • Norman Mineta, Transportation Secretary, was under the White House, in the bunker with Vice President Cheney. Every now and then, a uniformed serviceman would come in and say, "100 miles out. 50 miles out." Finally the man came back with only a few miles and asked if the orders stood. Cheney yelled, "Have I given any orders to the contrary?" Then something hit the Pentagon.

After the event...
  • The WTC buildings were closed for a week earlier. No one was admitted except construction workers.
  • The security firm's owner worked in the White House.
  • Larry Silverstein argued that his insurance policy should cover both buildings. He won the argument.
  • There are pictures of people in front of walls of explosive triggers in the WTC.
  • A group of 'dancing Israelis' were filming the event and moving around happily. They got back to Israel after being questioned, where it was revealed they were Mossad.
  • The buildings all came down in free fall. Like demolition.
  • Traces of thermate/thermite, which can liquefy steel, were found in the debris, which was immediately shuttled out of the country.
  • The FBI ran around, collecting video from every place with cameras near the Pentagon. After pressure, they released a few frames of video, showing that something hit the Pentagon. There was no frame that included the craft doing the damage.
  • Building 7 fell the same way, which was blamed on the fires inside. The fires weren't serious. Larry Silverstein is on tape, saying, "Pull it. Pull it," meaning demolish Building 7.
  • The committee charged with looking into the event failed to note any issues. Like the Warren Commission.
  • Many scientific groups and experts' opinions were rendered, all noting that the buildings were demolished and why. Popular Mechanics toed the official line. A new report from experts says different.
  • We went to war with Iraq.
  • We spent an untold amount of money on this war, which continues in a different form today.
  • We lost a lot of brave service people in this war.
  • Iraq lost a lot of innocent civilians in this war.
  • 'Terrorists' became the key word to suspend rights and grow government. People gladly gave up their rights and enjoyed the TSA interference at airports.
  • The Patriot Act (which was unpatriotic) was passed, without a chance to read it, by everybody except Ron Paul and one other. This pile of legislation was somehow magically written and ready to submit to Congress at the right time.
  • All communications are monitored. Phone, email, fax, whatever. It is illegal to spy on Americans, so the FISA court was set up to rubber stamp requests. One workaround is that the British spy on our people and we spy on theirs. Why do you think the NSA needed that huge data center?
  • We've been fighting terrorists in Afghanistan for years and years.
  • First responders continue to die.

Who Benefits?

This is another way of saying 'Follow the Money.'
It generally leads back to the culprit.

The Military Industrial Complex continues to make untold amounts of money on ships, planes, guns, tanks, spare parts, and fuel. Dick Cheney was on the board of Halliburton, which got caught overcharging. No matter who fights, the MI Complex always wins. Kennedy wanted to pull out of Vietnam, which got fixed very quickly.

Americans believe giving up liberty for security is the right thing to do, so someone up the chain wins.

Take a moment today and think about the people who lost their lives.
And how it happened.

It's been eighteen years. Only this time, the country is getting wise.

The above are facts. Don't take my word - research it. YouTube has some really good videos on the topic. Even if you buy the official story, it's good to research and refute the other side.