Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Turning Point

Yesterday we witnessed an historical moment - a turning point for the country.  The egregious display of chutzpah by our president, for the children.  I am sad for my country.

We do not elect a king; we elect a president.  The penchant for the last two presidents to rule by fiat is alarming and becomes worse with time.  We have a legislative branch of congress, whether or not they accomplish anything.

None of the new rules or legislation would have prevented the massacre in Connecticut.

Those who trade essential liberty for safety deserve neither.  Look at the TSA for an example.  We are not safer for their incursion.

If gun control worked, Chicago, the home of the president, would be the safest state in the country.  It isn't.

Why does Homeland Security need 1.4 billion more rounds of ammunition at the very point the government is making it harder for citizens to arm themselves?

Gun crime went down after D.C. decriminalized handguns.

Our own attorney general, Eric Holder, presided over illegal gun transfers to drug gangs in Mexico.

The problem is a problem of mental health.  Connecticut failed to pass mental health legislation months before the shooting.  New legislation turns doctors into extensions of the police.

Obama and Feinstein have no trouble with assault rifles when they are deployed to protect them and their children.  Feinstein wants handguns taken away too.  There is an agenda, whether you care to see it or not.

As set forward in the Second Amendment, we already have the right to keep and bear arms.  The government has no right to infringe, which they just did.  The current administration is intent on destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

For Obama to quote the Second Amendment out of context shows his contempt for his countrymen.

It's time to use what democratic process we have left to let our representatives and the White House know how we feel.

It's time to impeach the president (we did it to Clinton for less) and recall congress.

Let us avoid a Rush To Do Something and instead use common sense.

When the Constitution was written, a well-regulated militia was required to protect us from tyranny.  At that time, it was the tyranny of England's king.  In other words, we need to protect ourselves, not against just the lawless, but against the tyranny of our own government, bent on ridding us of our civil liberties.

We need to remain civil and work within the framework of the law.


  1. Very well stated man. Bravo.

  2. You can be my neighbor anytime. Spare some ammo, bro? ;)