Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Ain't No Dope

So the nazi pope has stepped down, which came as a surprise to apparently everyone (yes, he was a nazi when he was younger).

Pope can cite ill health all he wants; the last time a pope retired, many people could not read and write.  Usually popes are buried, hence my skepticism.

One of the more interesting pieces of news around this announcement is that They are saying that perhaps it's time to go with a new pope from a different area, like Africa.

It hit me instantly: this pope is getting while the getting is good.  He is not a stupid pontiff; he sees the legal writing in the wall.  He is escaping before the excrement hits the rotating device.

Then, when he's gone, they're going to blame it on the black guy.


The Catholic Church appears to be one of the largest, most corrupt organizations on the planet.  In case you're not up to date, this is an organization that has tacitly approved pedophilia by covering it up and reassigning the offenders to other parishes, sometimes in different countries.

You can call it coincidence if it happens in one or two United States but when it happens in many states in many countries, it's no longer a coincidence.  When there is evidence of a cover up and proof that the church repeatedly moved pedophile priests around to offend in new places, the church has a legal problem (not to mention a moral one).  And don't get me started on the Boy Scouts.

A psychologist I know provided the best insight into this problem: when you take a group of people and put them in a situation where they have to ignore a basic human instinct, you have a problem like this.  Others have suggested that priesthood is a calling for pedophiles in the first place.

I have previously called for the United States to prosecute the church under the RICO statutes.  RICO refers to racketeering and was used initially against organized crime.  Then our good friends in government started to apply it outside of the mafia, especially when they discovered Asset Forfeiture.

A legal source said that while it is possible to bring a RICO case against the church, no one would dare do it because the political ramifications would be dire.  It's sad but I get it.

Perhaps the UN or a similar body could make itself useful and bring the church up on charges in front of the whole world.   There is no doubt of their guilt but they should have a fair trial.

NOTE: Many of my friends are Catholic.  I have no problem with them or their faith.  My issue is with their headquarters.

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