Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Real News Where You Can Find It

I am not a patient man.  When they gave out patience, I must have been elsewhere.  I probably couldn't stand in line long enough for it.

I have actually strained what precious little patience I have beyond the breaking point, looking for real news.  Our fourth estate has abdicated its responsibility.  Mainstream media is the lapdog of the White House.  All newspapers are owned by about five companies.  If you go there looking for truth, you're not going to find it.  Disappointment will ensure.

We used to have shortwave radio.  We still do, to some small extent.  Many broadcasters have given it up.  The internet has almost killed radio.  But you have to go outside the country for anything approximating balanced news (Fox News is as balanced as Mussolini, as are the rest of them).

You can also search the internet.  Surveys show that most people get their news from the internet these days.  This is good, as people can largely find what they want online, regardless of bias.

While channel-surfing last week (we only have broadcast television - no cable) I came across the most interesting news I have seen on television.  They gave all sides.  They mentioned Ron Paul (which is expressly forbidden in the US).  They interviewed people on the street in New York (which was ugly).  A fellow named Max Keiser gave a very astute political reading.

What off-planet source did I hook into?  Russia Today.

Before you fall off your ergonomically-correct computer chair laughing, go check out the link and let me know what you found.  Here in Philly, Pennsylvania, US, RT is channel 35-4.  Check to see if you have it locally.  At this very moment, the moderator is stating that Mitt Romney makes more money in one day than the average American makes in one year.  His guest is explaining this and breaking it down.  They are discussing Reagan and taxes.

You are not going to see this on any other news program you watch.  Check it out.

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