Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Today's Irony Effect

In Atheism We Believe?

It's ok that you want to marry.  We don't care about his color, hobbies, orientation or job.  Just please don't tell us he's an atheist....

According to a survey, atheists are among the most disliked groups in America.

Actually it's ok - we found out it's not their fault... their brains are different.  Note that the question came from Utah....

Crisis - What Crisis?

Hey, did you know the country's in a financial crisis, the likes of which have never been seen before?  In order to disguise this, our friends in Treasury are dipping into federal pension funds to allow President Giveaway the power to create more debt.

Hear the Sea

We can now listen to the sea floor!  The University of Victoria, in Vancouver, set up listening posts so we can hear what's happening.  But, oops... now the US Navy is not happy.  So everyone reached a happy compromise:  all audio is sent directly to the Navy, censored, then returned to the UofV so people can listen.  This is SOPA without even a chance to give input.

Got that glowing feeling?

Been to Bed Bath and Beyond lately?  Quite a large quantity of tissue boxes were produced with Cobalt-60, which is radioactive.  Standing near on of these little beauties for thirty minutes per day will give you the equivalent of several chest x-rays.

The boxes were made in India and shipped to the US, before going to the stores.  At no point was the radiation detected.  Bravo Big Sister!  Way to protect us yet again.


What happens when Chinese slave labor threatens to throw itself off buildings if it doesn't get a raise?  They get laid off.  Who says the Chinese can't learn from the US?

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