Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Android Apps I'd Like to See

I still love my Android devices.  The phone gets daily use and the tablet every few days.  There are just a few more apps I wish someone would come up with:

  1. non-root firewall: would stop all the crapware (and operating system) from phoning home
  2. Ccleaner: Crap Cleaner is one of my favorite Windows apps.  It literally cleans the crap from the system.  Android Assistant has some cleaners but I want more and better.
  3. app firewall: something to stop the stupid apps from popping up by themselves.  I can't see any reason why any programs need to start themselves unexpectedly.  If I have email set to manual, there's no reason for email programs to come up.
  4. non-root hosts file/ad-blocker: in Windows and linux, one can use a hosts file to block crapware/adware/viruses.  This would be great for android.
  5. a keyboard that doesn't suck: vertical or horizontal, I just can't type on them.

I'd also like web browsing to be less painful but this is probably less an android issue than a size issue.

What would you like to see?

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