Monday, April 29, 2013

It's All Hidden Right Out in the Open

Lawmakers seek Obamacare exemption
Yes, folks, the bottom-dwellers who passed this mess are now quietly trying to get themselves and their staff exempted from it.  This is a must-read, for insight into how the bottom-dwellers operate.  All of the sudden there will be no partisanship at all.

By some estimates, individual health policies will cost between 25% and 50% more under this burdensome morass of legislation.  Wasn't this supposed to lower costs?

Someone(s) needs to be held responsible for this.  Let's start with its architects and go down through everyone who voted for it.  Don't wait until they're out of office.

Congress readies $100 million flu tax
Speaking of bottom-dwellers, they are readying a tax of seventy-five cents per flu shot.  Where will this money go?  Into a fund to defend against lawsuits against the vaccine.

When has the federal government gotten into the business of protecting Big Pharma?  Ever since there was a Big Pharma, apparently.

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