Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Philly Area Events of Note

This Saturday, 5/4, is the New Hope Winery musicians flea market.

I hear good things about this flea market but have never attended.  If you haven't been to New Hope, you should go and bring the spouse/significant other.  It's a really `quaint little shopping village'.  Nice place to spend the day.  They have all sorts of interesting shops you won't see elsewhere and good places to eat.


This Sunday, 5/5, is the Warminster Hamfest

This is my traditional first hamfest of the season.  It's a great location, albeit a ride.  Warning: the mere presence of a hamfest at this location on this day tends to produce rain.  You never know which way it's going to go.  But a great time is usually had by all.

For the uninitiated, a hamfest has nothing to do with ham, pigs or potato salad.  It's a flea market for amateur radio and electronics nuts.  You can also find a bit of stuff for computer people and musicians.

I have no financial interest in any of these places or events.  It's just nice to get out of the house once or twice a year.


Funny story about New Hope

Last time there, we located an adult shop.  I was having a fun time holding things up and saying, "Hey Honey, look at this!".  

While walking to the next area, my wife asked me if I noticed that guy.

What guy?

The guy in the adult shop.


You didn't see him looking at you?

No, why.

He wanted you.

Excuse me?

You really are oblivious, aren't you?

Completely.  I don't notice women coming on to me.

Or men, apparently.

I stopped cold in my tracks and considered what she said.  As we continued walking, I started looking around and really noticing.  Uh-oh.  I was apparently way more popular than I had ever thought possible (and I am not a good looking guy).  I swore, at that moment, I would never objectify women again.  I felt like a piece of meat.

As it turned out, New Hope is a rather gay place.  While I am a huge supporter of gay rights, I do not participate.

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