Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend in Review - or Why Did I Leave the House?

So it's Monday.  It's usually Monday, moreso at this time of the week.  It is, in fact, rather early for a Monday, but there we are; it's Monday.

So what rhymes with Monday?  Hyundai.
And why do I mention Hyundai?  Because it has been a wonderful experience owning an almost new car.  And because it has been a wonderful experience, the Hyundai has obliged by overheating.

A quick trip to the mechanic diagnosed the problem as bad hoses and a thermostat (which should have been replaced when the dealer rebuilt the front end after the Deer Incident<tm>).  Naturally the parts had to be ordered and wouldn't be in for a few days.  The universe is funny this way.

Somehow we made it out last weekend.

Let's start with the Musicians Flea Market at the New Hope Winery.  I made several assumptions which turned out to be totally incorrect.  My wife was on point and we got proper backup directions.  And where were the backup directions?  Back up at the house, where we left them.

The Winery is a few miles past Peddler's Village.  You can't miss it (although we almost did).  There is the winery and the events building.  It there appeared to be more cars in the lot than people attending the event.  Apparently this room is routinely used for national events - it's very nice.   We were charged a door fee of five dollars and went off, exploring.

I don't mind paying: I pay for the Philly Guitar Shows twice a year and it's worth it.  The Philly Guitar Shows have hundreds of vendors.  The Winery had approximately six.  This is where I start to mind paying.

Still, I wanted to support this concept, hoping it would really take off.  Unfortunately the approximately six vendors took up the large part of the room, leaving little if any room to grow.   When I think flea market, I think lots of tables and vendors.  Not so much here.  And we got a coupon for ten percent off wine purchases that day.  This is ironic, as I don't drink.

Sadly, it was a bit of a wash.  I hope the vendors did well.

Peddler's Village was in the midst of its Strawberry Festival, which was a real boon to those who like strawberries.  In a bit of flawed logic, I suspect that people who like Strawberries are large, slow and grossly inconsiderate of others trying to walk near and around them.  I needed a cow catcher to get from shop to shop.

My wife wanted a fresh lemonade.  In front of us was one party of about five people, which seemed to be completely monopolizing the party of five people working at the stand.  Every they finished ordering, someone came up with another thing they needed.  After about five minutes of waiting for lemonade, I gave up, leaving my poor wife to stand behind these idiots.  I procured a smoothie in the time it took her to get her lemonade and walk to the next stand.  They kept adding one more thing, like a really bad version of Columbo.  And the people who worked there were so stunned, no one thought to ask her if she wanted anything.

On the plus side, it was a beautiful day.  We got cotton candy.  There was a jazz band on the lawn, with a really interesting drummer.  On the way out we saw a band doing Jimmy Buffet-type songs in the gazebo.

Sunday was the MARC Hamfest, starting at the ridiculous hour of seven in the morning.  We got there by eight.  It was very well-attended, moreso than we have seen in quite a while.

I didn't see anything that thrilled me, aside from a $600 R390 boatanchor tube receiver.  Having left my $600 bill home, I was forced to leave the R390 at the hamfest.  The silver lining is that the receiver is so heavy, I watched the vendor having to get help removing it from his trunk.  So I saved some of my vital parts<tm>.

My wife did quite a bit better, as usual.  She runs through vcrs and dvd players like I run through soda and she purchased one of each for ten dollars.  You never know what you're going to find at a hamfest.   The table with the greatest title was the Guilt Table, where buyers were encouraged to buy candles for their wives/girlfriends.  Naturally my wife scored there too.

I may need to rethink this hamfest thing.

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