Thursday, June 11, 2015

Doggie Do

Tissues, or rather, many many pieces of tissues, continue to appear in the house. The dog has a thing for shredding tissues and he prefers used ones. I have mentioned (I think) the progression of trashcans:

  1. Regular Can: he sticks his head in, like a smorgasbord, and gets the tissues
  2. Tall Can: he knocks it over and gets the tissues
  3. Tall, Expensive Electronic Can: can flipped out and randomly opened and closed the lid, flipping out the dog
  4. Foot-Operated Can: finally - there is no way a spaniel can figure out how to step on a lever!
Recently, tissues have started popping up, with no apparent source. Aside from the ones my wife leaves on the floor before throwing out, there are no tissues anywhere but in the foot-operated cans.

The only thing worse than finding shredded tissues all over the floor is finding them in bed. Flummoxed, we couldn't figure out how he was getting them so we decided to do the American thing and just ignore it. Until last night, when I walked into the bedroom, just in time to watch him nudge the lid up with his snout, take a tissue and shred it.  Caught, he wagged his tail and put on his best Gee, Dad, I wasn't stealing tissues from the trash can look.

Eventually I'm going to remember that it's a bitch when your pets are smarter than you and just stop trying.

A Tune or Two

I like a lot of bands but very few are favorites.  Little Feat is a favorite.  They have the best rhythm section there is (for my money - sorry Led Zep). Everything they do is funky, like New Orleans on speed. Here are two signature tunes, Fat Man in the Bathtub and Rock and Roll Doctor, from a live special in 1975.

The singer/guitarist, Lowell George, was a founding member who also played in Zappa's Mothers of Invention. Fat Man in the Bathtub is for him.  The man could sing like an angel and play slide like an old black man at the Crossroads.  He did not use a traditional slide; instead preferring a Craftsmen 11/16" socket (because the 5/8" socket presumably didn't sound as good). Lowell died of an overdose, in bed. Unfortunately Richie Hayward, the drummer, died recently of cancer. 

Fat Man has a groove that is beyond infectious. It's was a common opener and never failed to get the audience up and moving. To hell with the Dead, Feat Audiences never stopped (and didn't require half the drugs). After you get done, listen to Waiting for Columbus, the 1975 live album. Sure enough, it starts with Fat Man and only gets better.  

The Feat got back together after Lowell's death, featuring several singers. They currently tour with Paul Barrerre (the other guitar player) as the singer and Fred Tackett on second guitar.  Do NOT miss then when you get the chance. Listen to their entire catalog and move your posterior.

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