Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When Temptation Knocks, Be Sure to Let It In

An Indian journalist has been burned alive after publishing allegations of corruption on Facebook.

Another senseless, Facebook-related death.

  • Why do we have laws? Because Obama supporters sign petition to nuke Russia. Although this was a prank, it was signed by many.  This must be why my local news has a social media reporter to share the wisdom of the Great Unwashed. Sorry, guys, I don't need to hear what the people on Faceyspaces have to say- it's not news.

Range Rover automatically detects, reports potholes to government.
In totally unrelated news, government blacklists rangerover.com domain.

  • Everybody's favorite stoner, Tommy Chong, has been diagnosed with rectal cancer. Unbothered, Tommy is looking forward to self-medication, with great interest. Let's send Mr. Chong good thoughts.

A study in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, found in 1996, stated: "Homophobia is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies."  In short, the experiment 'hooked up' a bunch of men to a measuring device then showed them gay porn. The people most aroused were the ones who were the most homophobic.  Remember this when a politician or religious figure protests too much.

  • After much research, I have come to the conclusion that I am deeply offended by houndstooth. I had inadvertently transposed herringbone with houndstooth and wish to apologize to herringbone for the misunderstanding. I have nothing at all against herringbone; I am offended only by houndstooth.

Most kangaroos are left-handed. I was kinda hoping for a more high-profile example but as the ten-percent minority, we have to take what we can get. No word yet on dogs.

  • For some reason, it has been decided, wherever it is decided, that Alexander Hamilton no longer has the cache for the ten dollar bill. He will be replaced by an unspecified woman. Even though I oppose this strange idea, let me be a good sport and make a suggestion: Sophia Vergara.

Jeb Bush announced White House bid, saying 'America deserves better.'  And in that spirit, he called off his White House bid.

  • France has denounced revelations of NSA spying. As a precaution, France has taken the liberty of surrendering.

Da Tunes

Today's bit of musical fun comes courtesy of Robben Ford. Robben has played with everyone from Miles Davis to Michael McDonald to his own solo career. He's a guitarist's guitarist, while at the same time producing music most people can really like.  Check out Robben and phenom Joe Bonamassa jamming at a tribute to Leo Fender.  Also check out a concert with his band, The Blue Line. Great stuff!

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