Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oldies But Goodies Appeal

I hate like hell to do this but it's important.

There's a cocker spaniel rescue group in the Virginia area called Oldies But Goodies.  They shelter and place older cockers, getting them medical attention if required. Because I donated, I get these adorable, heart-breaking emails about what they're up to. Since there are no local cocker rescue groups, I donate to OBG.

The latest email talks about the Freedom 46 - 46 cockers rescued from a barn in Virginia, with no one exercising them or filling water bowls. I will spare you further details but you can read about them at the site.

OBG is requesting money and/or foster homes. Mrs leftystrat and I sent what we could - perhaps you can too. Marshall urges you to support rescue groups and SPCAs; after all, he is a rescue.

Stupid pet-owning bloggers with their damn causes.


Thanks. And now we return you to our special, damn near patented mix of sarcasm, libertarianism, Observational Nonsense and sarcasm.

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