Monday, February 22, 2016

It Ain't Easy Being Queen

According to a Coventry (UK) study, sex can help ward off dementia for men and women. The study was published in Age and Aging. Now get out there and do your best to ward off dementia!

  • I'm trying to decide if this is a good thing or not: Hookers for Hillary. Yes, Nevada's finest are coming out for their candidate. No word on whether their servers are in the bathroom or not..

It's great to be alive: Doing the Science on what makes a vagina beautiful.

  • A gay high school teacher was fired after someone broke into his Dropbox account, stole a sex tape, and posted it to the school's site. This is the price we pay for bad security, bad judgment, and good connectivity. Remember Bob Crane? You may know him as Colonel Hogan, from Hogan's Heroes. Bob was involved in all sorts of interesting extracurricular activities but didn't post the results in an easily accessed public location with questionable security. Plus Bob was limited to 8mm film and no internet, so things kept themselves pretty private until he was assisted (murdered) in leaving this plane. What did we learn? 
  • We learned not to make sex tapes. Since we're obviously going to ignore this, find an incredibly safe place to store them. Not on your phone. Not in The Cloud. Not on your parents' phones.
  • We learned not to put them in a place that can be publicly accessed (Dropbox).
  • We learned not to keep the Dropbox credentials in email (Gmail).
  • We learned to use an encrypted password manager (try Keepass).
  • We learned that if we're going to use a Dropbox-like service (which we shouldn't use), to make sure the data is encrypted (beyond the scope of this message but software to do this is at link).
  • Lastly, we learned that a really interesting topic, like famous sex tapes, can deteriorate into a data safety lecture.

A Seattle man is in hot water because he was found using a women's locker room. He cited the gender rule, which allows people to choose a bathroom based upon gender identity. This sure would have kept me out of a lot of trouble when I was little. While I identify as an octopus, I just liked hanging around naked women.

  • Calls em where I sees em: I'm no fan of iDevices but Apple just turned down the FBI's request to hack into one of the San Bernadino shooters' cell phones. Way to lead, guys! If you repeat this to anyone, I will flatly deny saying it.

A man accused of stalking Gwyneth Paltrow was acquitted on charges of felony stalking and attempted stalking by a jury at Los Angeles Superior Court. As I mentioned in last week's missive, this fellow, who spent a bit of time at the Happy Place<tm>, has been stalking Gwyneth for seventeen years. During the trial, Gwyneth testified to the harm this man had caused her. There was undeniable proof that he was stalking her, including admissions from the stalker. Yet the jury acquitted. There was no actual stated reason for the acquittal. His lawyer stated, "He's unique.... He's special...he's very cogent." Stay out of California.

  • 5G is coming! What will it mean for you? It will mean you'll only be able to connect at 3G or 4G.

Five members of Friends are reuniting for a much-anticipated reunion on TV. Because the entire world has been awaiting this moment. This show will obviously cure cancer and bring about world peace. No, really.

  • Hollywood has an "epidemic of invisibility" for women, minorities and LGBT people that runs across the industry, a study suggests.  And, as it turns out, the NBA has the same "epidem of invisibility". Who you gonna call?

Hotels, sometimes unable to fill rooms, have taken to offering day rates, which they refer to as "Afternoon Delight" rates. Yes, hotels come into the 21st century!

  • Guess what's back.. Microsoft Word document viruses!  Simply opening the document will hijack every file on your system.  Please read the article at the above link. You don't have to be a company to have this happen.  DON'T CLICK ON EVERY LINK. DON'T OPEN SOMETHING YOU AREN'T EXPECTING. CHECK WITH THE SENDER IF YOU'RE NOT SURE. Kirk out.

If you downloaded Linux Mint recently, DELETE IT. It was compromised and contains malware. The distribute should be downloaded from the proper channels (which were hijacked recently and are now fixed). I prefer Xubuntu. Ask questions if you have them.

  • It's tax time and the IRS is a mess. Last year many refunds were hijacked, going to incorrect recipients. I know a victim of this who had to hire a lawyer to get her own money from her refund. It took the better part of a year. The IRS reports a 400% increase in Phishing and malware in the past year. Be careful out there. Again, if you have questions, ask.

 FBI Director James Comey claims the agency doesn't want to break anyone’s encryption or set loose a master key to devices like the iPhone. However, if Apple complies with the request, this is precisely what will happen. Comey is being disingenuous, as usual.

  • 7 Android tools that can help your personal security.

Four people go into a pizzeria and ordered pizza knots. They came out with cheese, which the patrons DID NOT WANT. One lady gets huffy and demands her money back. Police were called because this lady felt that the employee put the money on the counter in a rude manner. She and three others ransacked the restaurant. Someone threw a glass parmesan cheese container, which damaged a tv. Kitchen ransacking ensued. The happy foursome fled but were captured by police.  I'm still trying to figure out why the employees considered this an unreasonable response - if more people made this sort of correction, fewer incorrect orders would be produced..

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