Monday, April 18, 2016

This Blog Brought to You by Peet's Coffee

Intrigue in North Carolina. In case you missed it, North Carolina passed mandating that a person use the bathroom matching their gender on their birth certificate; the only state to do so.  As a result, PayPal will not locate there. Further, Bruce Springsteen and Brian Adams have canceled shows there. You can decide for yourself whether this is a good thing or not. I'd pass any legislation necessary to keep Katy Perry out of my state.

  • In testimony, FBI director Comey revealed that he puts tape over his webcam. This is the same guy pushing backdoors into all software. Why does he cover his webcam and why should you? Check it out. In case you were curious (and got hit by heavy construction equipment), I covered mine before Comey.

A Rhode Island man has been ordered to take down more than a dozen dead chickens hanging from trees outside his home.  Is nothing sacred? Doesn't he have a right to decorate as he pleases?

  • There is no doubt that if you purchase that bra from Victoria's Secret, you will look like Adriana Lima.

No longer after me Lucky Charms: Arthur Anderson, voice of the commercial, has died at 93.

  • SELFIES have caused a surge in lip surgeries in 2015. Wow, someone is benefitting from selfies..

I don't PLAY Guitar Hero - I AM a guitar hero.

  • My wife used to do Catholic Aerobics: sit, stand, kneel, repeat.

PRO TIP: always remember to take down your adult swing, before the kids tell the neighborhood you have a swing set in your bedroom.

  • A lot of people ask who I am.  I'm that guy. The little red guy on your left shoulder, whispering nothing sweet in your ear.

I sure picked the wrong occasion to discover that baby christenings are very different from ship christenings.

  • If you run, you get a heart attack and die. If you swim, you get a heart attack, drown and die. Hardly seems worth the effort.

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