Monday, October 17, 2016

In Amateur Radio, the Teacher is Called An Elmer

'Hackable' Apple watches have been banned from British government cabinet meetings out of caution against attacks.  You know me - I'd just ban them because they're Apple. But seriously folks, this is a pretty good move because most of what we carry is hackable. Just wait til they start hacking your e-belt. Your pants will fall right down.

  • a German nuclear plant got cyber-attacked a little while back, it was just confirmed. Let me first say I TOLD YOU SO. With that out of the way, it's mot like poor cyber security at nuclear and utility plants is a surprise. They are sitting ducks. It's probable that there are others, yet unreported. Ancient programs with little to no security are a recipe for disaster. When the next one hits, it's going to come as another 'surprise'. Yes. there has to be people working on this, but still... this is a nuke plant. Think about it.

Largely unreported in the Wikileaks fiasco are the emails from John Podesta, the press secretary 'UFO Disclosure' guy. He was having conversations with Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the Moon, on the extraterrestrails that are here now. Apparently the guitar player from Blink 182, Tom DeLonge, quit the band to further his interest in disclosure. He was also a correspondant. I smell something but don't know what it is yet. I don't think he's high enough in the power structure to be cleared for this type of information (unless he knows tiny pieces of it, independent of the compartmented group that holds the real info). Never mind Hillary and the DNC, this is BIG.

  • Reminder to cover your laptop's camera with tape or something. Also its mic. A popular website ran an article on which tape is best. Nothing like parody.

Free, encrypted text app Signal, which I have mentioned here and run enthusiastically, now has a disappearing message function. Download it from your app store. Costs nothing, gives great security, and your info is not collected. Replaces your default text program with no issues.

  • In case you missed the announcement, Faceyspaces, Twitter and Instagram shared data with a social media surveillance startup. Your data. The startup then sold your data to law enforcement. The ACLU discovered this via a Freedom of Information request. Your data. UPDATE: Faceyspaces, Twitter and Instagram have cut off the flow of information out of concern for your privacy because they got caught.

Reminder: watch out for the clowns. WTF is going on with clowns? There was an initial rumor that it was viral marketing for a movie. I'm thinking no, as it has crossed borders and featured clowns with chainsaws and machetes. Clowns are the new Zombies, apparently. Localities have requested that no one dress as a clown for Halloween. It will be pretty funny/sad when someone dresses as a clown for Halloween anyway. Ronald McDonald has been ordered to take a break (no, really). Not because of the food, mind you - just the clown bit.

  • So Malia Obama has been photographed shaking her ass and smoking a joint. A joint? She's a real chip off the old block. No matter how much I don't like her father, I believe his children are off-limits (unless they commit a serious crime and a joint ain't it). It does say interesting stuff about his continuation of the War on Drugs. Having seen the pictures, Malia is growing into a very attractive woman.

A British fella got one of those wifi teakettles and spent ten hours trying to get some tea out of it. If he's having this much trouble with it now, wait til it gets hacked.

  • Earlier this week was National Coming Out Day. I'd like to take this opportunity to come out to you, faithful readers, and declare that I'm.... heterosexual. I know it's not popular these days, but I have to be who I am. Oh yeah, I'm also a chocoholic. If anyone would like to use this forum to declare whatever it is that you are, please go ahead.

There is now an internet for dogs. I am not kidding. While I don't have the URL yet, rest assured it exists. It probably has something to do with dispending treats. I'll show Marshall but knowing him, he already discovered it and has emptied the treat dispenser.

  • People in England can now be prosecuted for offensive social media posts. Orwell is spinning.

Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Prize for Literature. It only took 90 years, or however old he is. Runners-up include Robert Plant, Kanye West, Nickleback, and the guys who write all those reality shows.

  • The Xinhua network just deleted the tweet announcing the death of Thailand's king. Was his death a publicity stunt? A practical joke? Did someone have trouble distinguishing alive from dead?

Samsung has offered Note 7 owners $100 to buy another Samsung. Well, $100 and a fire extinguisher. I wonder how many people are going to take advantage of this spectacular deal. Personally I'd hold out for $500 and a personal fireman. Better yet, a firewoman.

  • In case you're leaving your cyber-security to the security folks at work (and home), know that human error is the major cause of data breaches.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Let's celebrate vigoriously, by using default passwords or 'password1'. Drink before you surf. Read these stupid blog posts. Plug your house into the internet. Speaking of which, Akamai, a major content provider, reveals that hackers are abusing a known weakness to commandeer millions of connected devices and use them to mount internet attacks on third parties. This means that your house monitor can potentially be used to attack the White House. When those nice folks at the FBI come knocking, offer them coffee. Good coffee - not that Donut Shop stuff.

  • We may not be ready for this but in an official joint statement from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security, recent political breaches have been attributed to the Kremlin (a small shack on a near-deserted island in the Mediterranen Sea). 
  • When reached for comment, the Kremlin asked if who did it was that important. The main point is the manipulation of public opinion.
  • On the surface, this is very important and horrific. Another level down we have to ask Who Benefits. Well, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security is a brand new bloated government entity, which should probably be looking inward. The DNC has been blaming the Russians since the hack, then tying it to Trump, who they claim is in cahoots with Putin. Yeah, they're good fishin' and huntin' buddies, so this reinforces the narrative. But the manipulation of public opinion.... think about it and decide for yourself.

Alleged pro-Trump hackerd have defaced the Clinton Wikipedia page, stating that if you vote for her, it's a vote for nuclear annhilation. And pornogrpahic images were supplied. Sadly, this has already been cleaned up - we love our porn - defacement.

This shit is deep. Time for some relief....

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