Monday, April 17, 2017

Are You Ready for This? nah

How to keep your passwords safe, from F-Secure. Good tips here.

  • The results of a survey on Americans' feelings about ISPs sharing their data without consent are in: they overwhelmingly don't like it.  Every now and then I fall into the majority.  Also, Americans don't like to swim in a moat with piranha.

Heh heh... Burger King, home of the absolutely creepiest mascot ever, is now running a commercial that intentionally sets off voice assistants. It's bad enough that Amazon and Google are listening to your conversations - now the ad people are having some fun with them. Makes me want to run out and buy a few. In my semi-professional opinion, don't. I'll bet that comes as a surprise to you.

  • Our condolences to the Murphy family on the death of Charlie Murphy. Charlie was Eddie's brother, in the comedy business for close to thirty years. He died from leukemia. Eddie Murphy had a brother who was in comedy and we had no idea. This will not change, as I will not start watching tv.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of turning the Wendy show off.

  • I can't stress this enough: back up your data. I don't even need to tell you why. The article mentions ways to do this, from an external hard drive to online services.  While I don't use online services, they may be the easiest way to protect your data. They can be set up to automatically back up to The Cloud, so there's no effort involved after setup. If you're going to back up to a hard drive, consider another hard drive or take the first hard drive and store it somewhere outside of your house, like a friend or relative's house or safety deposit box. Data is important - treat it as such.

Speaking of watching tv, I haven't abstained totally. Get your downloading shoes on and go get Kodi. Kodi is a perfectly legal media center, meaning it will host and play any sort of media you have (movies, tv, songs, etc). It is available on all platforms, including android and iPhone.  Once installed, you can add download repositories, from which you can watch tv shows, movies, and whatever else. You can watch some live tv, as well as on-demand. This is one of the ways people are cutting their cable tv bill or cutting cable altogether. There are plenty of guides as to how to install and customize the software, although installing is the same as installing any other program.  It is very light, not requiring a lot of storage or horsepower (I can run it on my phone).

Particularly recommended are Lucifer, Lethal Weapon, Chicago Medical, and Britcoms, such as Mrs Brown's Boys, Black Books, and Outnumbered. If you're looking for some ancient movie or tv show, odds are you will find it. I found several from my childhood (no jokes please). Mrs leftystrat found horror movies from waaaaaaay back, as well as some Grade Z recent movies and current runs. Enjoy.

  • I think it is safe to say that morning is not my friend.

Marshall update: He's been sleeping downstairs, as climbing the steps is all but impossible with the Cone of Shame.  I decided to keep him occupied by sleeping on the couch (no marriage jokes, please). Two hours into this arrangement, he apparently decided it wasn't working out and went up the steps by himself. Alrighty then.

Heading to the bedroom, where the sleeping is always better, I found him, up on the bed, for the first time in quite a while! This was cause for quiet celebration. He slept the entire night touching me, with no meds. Robin's minstrel's cheered.

Meanwhile, the wife, who decided to keep him company downstairs, saw nothing of him. She was rewarded by not having to sleep next to either of us.

When morning came, he was on the couch, physically attached to me, in the way of anything I chose to do. Sounds like progress!

And his first followup visit with the surgeon went well. They said his recovery was better than they expected.

  • It's Good Friday. This is closely followed by Great Saturday and Super Sunday. This is all leading up to a very important day: sales on candy. Or so I'm told.

Every now and then something comes along to make me re-evaluate how I view life; over the weekend I had one. I watched someone take a ride on a rather large two-wheeled conveyance. I am perfectly secure in vehicles, provided they have at least four wheels, so that wasn't an option for me, no matter how much the owner snickered after offering.

The lady returns from the ride and asks her friend if her eyelash is on - it might have blown off. STOP. Eylash? Oh c'mon... fake eyelashes are for pictures and porn. I don't often hear references to eyelashes literally going with the wind.  In the theoretical and mechanical sense, this is something to ponder. Let's add another variable: she has a newborn. I hear they're a handful. Bless her, she's raising a baby and still manages to put fake eyelashes on. I'll be honest, she looks great and no one can tell she had a baby, aside from the obvious.

Which brings me to another eyelash-related happening. My lovely wife sat next to me and subtly indicated I should notice something. When I say subtly, I mean she pointed at her eye and fluttered it like some sort of REM sleep disorder disaster. I knew this was going to be do-or-die, in the marital sense of the word, so I looked closely. Yes, she had applied a false eyelash. And yes, it was visible. And yes, it looked good. And when I say good, I mean it unconditionally. And when I say unconditionally, I mean that the half that adhered to her eyelid produced a most flattering effect. The other half, however, tended to wander between the air and her glasses.

  • I got a notice from Google that a suspicious device had tried to access my account over the past few days. I urge you - if you ever get this notice, please check it out and track down the offending device if it's yours. 
  • Unfortunately, this process will require me to remember where I was at that time. I do not, by any means, live in a drunken stupor that causes me to suspect I've been places I do not remember... I just have the recall of a pregnant gnat (as well the attention span of an infant, on good days)..

I don't want to say the sex was loud, but afterwards, the neighbors gathered outside...

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