Sunday, May 28, 2017

RIP Gregg Allman

A few weeks back there was an unfounded rumor that Gregg Allman had died. He, or a surrogate, surfaced to let everyone know that rumors of his death were premature.

And today Gregg died for sure. He was 69. No cause of death was mentioned but he had a long list of ailments.

It would be wonderful for him to surface again but it's not going to happen this time, at least according to his own website.


Somewhere in this fine place that I call a house is an 8track tape of the Allmans.  It could be said that I'm a lifelong fan.

I haven't seen them a lot, but after one performance I turned to my friend and asked how anybody could listen to Madonna when what we heard was Pure Music. 

This is a group that has suffered great tragedy and gone on triumphantly. Duane Allman's death, followed by Berry Oakley's the next year, put a strain on the band in the early years. Dickey Betts stepped up and took over the lead spot. Recently Butch Trucks took his own life, and now Gregg. 

The Allman Brothers called it quits recently and Gregg was touring solo. In its final incarnation were Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes on guitar. As it should be, they weren't Duane and Dickey - they made history as their own chapter of the band. Remaining were Butch Trucks (drums), Jaimo (drums), Otiel (bass), and Marc Quinones (percussion).

You can hear Warren Haynes in Gov't Mule and solo. Derek Trucks leads the Tedeschi Trucks Band, with his wife, Susan Tedeschi. I highly recommend catching both. Dickie Betts is still recording and touring-also recommended.

A chapter of rock and roll history has ended, people.


For a musically talented group, they had a lot of hits. We don't see this often. Think of the memories evoked by Blue Sky. Where did you first hear Melissa? Whipping Post? Ramblin Man. Jessica. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. One Way Out. 

Gregg's greatest quote: I did a lot of drugs and married a broad named Cher. I wouldn't recommend either one of them.

Guys - we will miss you. But you have left behind a legacy, for which we are forever grateful. It will outlive all of us.

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