Monday, June 6, 2011

The Death of Doctor Death [and stuff]

Rest in peace, Doctor Jack Kevorkian.  Dr. K (83) died after throwing an embolism.  This was also stated as natural causes, depending on which article you read.

I believe Dr Jack is a national (world?) hero and should be honored for his actions and the courage of his convictions.  The notion that any government can hold itself above a person's sovereignty is ludicrous.


The Richmond Federal Reserve building is flying a gay rights rainbow flag.  Good for them.  The real fun here is the reaction from some of the anachronisms.  Republican Robert Marshall says the homosexual behavior “celebrated” by the bank “undermines the American economy.”

I think I speak for most of America when I say "Huh?"


Was Bin Laden deprived of sitting with Allah and seventy two virgins because the bullet that killed him was coated with pig-fat gun oil?  Yes, says Silver Bullet Gun Oil.

At this point I'm wondering what's sillier: believing in an afterlife with seventy two virgins or believing one will be denied said afterlife because of pork?


Rabid beavers are apparently on the loose in Philly.  Three people have been bitten by at least one beaver which tested positive for rabies.

Speaking of Philly, people were shocked to discover a dog hung from a tree.  The details are disgusting and it made news all over the place.  Just today it was announced the animal was not a dog - it was a beaver.  Apparently Philthydelphians are having a difficult time telling the difference.

Rabid beavers might be the only sane explanation for the Philly Police arresting a man for carrying a gun.  The only problem here is that Pennsylvania is an open-carry state.  This means you can legally carry a firearm, so long as it's visible.  You need a permit to conceal a firearm.

Great job, police; arresting a man exercising his legal rights.

District Attorney (and part-time fish-fondler) Seth Williams also chose to play ignorant (going with his strengths?).  When Williams finally realized there was no crime here, he chose instead to charge the man with nuisance crimes.

It's astounding to me that ignorance of the law is no excuse, unless of course you are a law enforcement officer.


President Giveaway's latest attempt to (further) befuddle the citizenry turns out to be a Golf Summit.  Previously the president held a Beer Summit.  I figure that since he has managed to accomplish precious little, why not make the summits a bit more interesting.  How about Stripper Summit?  Chocolate Summit.  Ice Cream Summit.  Guitar Summit.

What kind of summit would you like to see?

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  1. Lefty,

    You're killing me here? I almost peed myself reading these "news flashes".

    Oh, and where do they find all those virgins?