Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts for a Humid Monday

What happens when you give the government the power to take things?

You get situations like this, where the State, via the TSA, turns a profit on items not allowed on planes.  These items, as it were, are right next to items seized in drug raids.

That's what happens.


President Giveaway, true to his name, is giving away a billion in mortgage relief.   Funny, I didn't get extended jobless benefits or mortgage relief, even when the stock market ate most of my retirement money.  I also didn't get relief when the IRS screwed up and cost me ten grand.

Why are we bailing out, as opposed to bailing?


Let's take a moment, once again, to Celebrate Texas.  They are about to tell the federal government where to place their light bulb ban.  Remember - when we criminalize light bulbs, only criminals will have light bulbs.


Military developing spy drones 'size of insects and birds'...

But rest assured - they'll never be used for domestic spying.
Now stop that laughing.


I leave you tonight, with the words of my grade school health teacher, on the topic of what to do about crabs:

"You shave half of your testicles.  You set the other half on fire.  When the crabs flee to the non-burning side, you stab them."

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