Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Neal Schon: Love in the Wrong Places

I have been a Neal Schon fan for many years.  His work with Journey was always tasteful but my favorite moments were the two albums (yes, albums) he did with Jan Hammer.  There were many great musical moments happening there.  There are also some interesting solo albums, with much variety happening therein.  One can't argue with a guy who played guitar for Santana when he was nineteen.

Lately Neal's been getting lots of attention, unfortunately from the wrong arena.  Remember the White House gate-crashers?  The couple who got their fifteen minutes by getting into the White House uninvited?  These are the Salahis.

The other day Mr. Salahi called the police because his wife had gone missing for a few days.  The case was short-lived because Mrs. Salahi got in touch with him to let him know she was boinking Neal Schon and out on tour with him and Journey.  Naturally TMZ was there (TMZ - gays making fun of celebrities since 2008).

This no doubt also came as quite a shock to Ava Fabian, the ex-Playboy Playmate who Neal married two months ago in Paris.  A brief review of pictures and biographies indicates that Neal's genitals are also quite confused (perhaps shocked?).

Perhaps Journey can make things more interesting by using a different opening act:  Neal can come onstage and fight with the Salahi attention whore and his ex-playmate, soon to be ex-wife.  The crowd would go wild.  They could get TMZ to sponsor the whole affair (as it were).

Finally, this once again proves that rock stardom always trumps looks.

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