Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Minute Presidential Candidate

That picture over on the right side is not just some incredibly cute dog - that's MY dog, Marshall.
And Marshall would like to announce his candidacy for president.
Are you tired of the same old one party system?  Isn't it time for real change?
Wouldn't it be nice to vote for the cuter of all evils?


  • It's time to put a Black Dog in the White House
  • He couldn't be any worse
  • Because Bo's Gotta Go!
  • support the Spanieltarian party
  • VP: Jesse Ventura or Larry Flynt (whoever responds first)

When elected, Marshall promises

  • a cat in every pot
  • will personally poo on anyone named Bush
  • to balance the budget on the backs of the politicians
  • will fart Congress out of existence
  • full bed privileges for all pets
  • to nuke any country that eats dogs (China is nervous)
  • no socialized medicine for people or animals

Marshall did not reach this decision lightly.  After hearing the president question the need for the judicial branch to review his healthcare edict, he knew it was time to throw his collar in the ring.

What are the people saying about Marshall for president?

Piss on bush. Marshall does!

pure... genius.

He's got my vote:)

He is sooo cute.  I would probably vote for him !!!!!!!!!!

Send Marshall to Washington to restore family values, lick corruption, and take a bite out of crime.


Dog Scouts of America support Marshall!


  1. He's got my vote man. I like the ideas for V.P. as well.

  2. Marshall thanks you for your support.

    He's currently cleaning out the ice cream container I threw out last night.

    Hey, at least this is a president who we EXPECT to be in the trash.