Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ted Nugent and Friends?

Terrible Ted Nugent- rock star, hunting and gun rights advocate, right winger, and undiagnosed manic, is in trouble again.  Our good friends in prostitution, the Secret Service, will be investigating Ted's rant at this past weekend's NRA convention.  Thus said Ted, `he will be "dead or in jail" in a year's time if President Barack Obama is re-elected in November.'

According to Yahoo, this was a `violent, anti-Obama rant.'  Apparently the Secret Service thinks so too.  Those of us with the most basic comprehension are unable to hear the violence in the rant.

I agree that credible threats need to be investigated.  I disagree that Ted is a threat to anyone, with the possible exception of the relaxed.

The Nuge: I'm 'a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally'...

Much as I love Terrible Ted, I'm horribly disappointed in him.  Anyone who stumps for Mitt Romney should seriously rethink their position (to be polite).


Big Sister is is expanding and I'm not talking about eating way too much.  In Houston, the TSA is planting agents and police officers on buses.  These folks will be searching bags and looking for suspicious activity.  They will interrogate passengers too.

To borrow a current phrase: WTF?

This organization's reach seems to be never-ending.  The genuises who wrote and voted for the PATRIOT Act should be tried for treason.  Who voted for it?  Everyone but Ron Paul (look it up).  It's bad enough our airports have been invaded by this gang of ne'er do wells... now it's the buses.  Pretty soon your rights will be violated right out in the streets on which you walk.

We are no safer for this.  In fact, I will argue that we're less safe (or at least our rights are).  The idea of groping airline passengers while allowing illegal aliens and everyone else free access to our entrances and exits goes against rational thinking.  But then again, who's thinking rationally?


Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan spoke at the University of Arkansas the other day.  Here are a few quotes:

“They know you, but you don’t know them or yourself, so you’re always at a disadvantage when you sit down with white people to negotiate,”

“I know myself. I know you. And some of you white people – I know you better than you know yourself because God has revealed you fully,”

“You can’t talk like this unless you know God. I don’t just talk about God or talk about Jesus … Jesus spoke like this. That’s why he was hated,”

Whites: ‘Unless You Change, Your End Has Come’

I ask you: if a caucasian had said these things, what do you suppose would have happened?

Let me leave you with the most twisted thing Farrakhan has ever said:

Pat Buchanan "is a great republican."

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  1. Ol' Ted Nugent, that carnivorous rocker... I like his music. I can pass on his politics. While I still FIRMLY believe in my 2nd Amendment rights, I no longer believe in the NRA. I was a member for 25 years. I did not renew a few years back, though. The NRA just seems to be turning into a tool for the GOP lately. And since I no longer believe in the GOP, no sense in being an NRA member, huh?

    Louie Farrakhan? HA-HA! And people are worried about letting Manson loose. Hmmph!