Monday, July 9, 2012

Great Groping News, Batman!

A school bus driver, recently convicted of groping girls on his bus, blamed caffeine for causing the groping.

This may explain a lot for me.  I drink a lot of coffee and soda and feel like groping women all the time.

As if we haven't turned enough of our lives over to our good friends at the TSA, it has been announced that airport screeners may request drink samples (after they're done groping you, presumably).

But only at the exits of airport bars.

Lawyers have already drafted 13,000 pages of new regulations on Obamacare.

The government expands again.  And again, at our expense.

It's Day Six of the power outage and there are still half a million without power.

If my department's disaster plan were this non-existent, we'd all be fired.  What would happen during a real tragedy?

Big Sis Strikes Again!  If you love liberty, the Department of Homeland Security considers you a terrorist.

Oh dear.. now all of my readers and I share that designation....

But today's BEST news is that July 9 is NATIONAL NO BRA DAY!
Please celebrate accordingly.  And send pictures.

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