Friday, August 24, 2012

The War on War

War on everything is getting boring, deadly, and horribly expensive.  I propose the War on War.


Just in case you don't think your tax dollars aren't being properly transferred to the Military Industrial Complex, let's take a run over to Afghanistan, where the troops we're training to take over after we leave are killing each other.  You know, if they just stayed there and we just stayed here, they could keep killing each other forever, as they have been doing for longer than we have been a country.


Marcus Banwell got caught shoplifting in a rather painful way - right after throwing up some Scotch Bonnet peppers (arguably the hottest available).  These peppers are so hot you need to cut them with gloves on.


There was another shooting, this time in New York.  Before the gun-grabbers continue their insane wailing, I'd like to point out that Mayor "Please Protect Us from Soda" Bloomberg stated that some of the shooting victims were shot by the police.

Perhaps we need a War on Police.


According to a study, full-frontal nudity on television is up 6300% this year.   Well, that's news to me.  I don't recall ever seeing full-frontal nudity on television, unless I was watching porn.    The key to the story is yet another group trying to save us from the evils of the semi-naked body.  Yes, they're referring to pixellated naked people, not real naked people.  By this logic, everyone on tv is naked - their clothes are in place of the pixellation.

Heaven help us from people helping us into heaven.


The yahoos with whom I toil daily are having a fantasy football draft today.  If I hear one more word about sports today, I'm going to perform the Emesis Dance upon the lot of them.

People call me nerdy, yet they're spending hours arguing over sports teams that aren't real.  Perhaps when they're done (if they ever get done), we'll argue about whose god is better.

Meanwhile, I'm having my own fantasy porn star draft.  Who's winning now?

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