Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Who Ate Taylor Swift?

Technically speaking, I don't know or care (with the possible exception of John Mayer, a very talented guitar player).

But that is not important now.

Aside from a few cardboard cutouts and ads, I had no idea who Taylor Swift was. I noticed she had big hair, which is always a good thing with me. But as we know, I don't judge a singer by her hair (ok, it's still a 'nice to have').

Months ago, my Colleagues in Song Parody came up with a parody involving a Swift song. They started playing the song for me and my first thought was "this person must have a young following" because it sounded beyond bubblegum. I was thinking up to about age fifteen, max. My second thought was more of an action: "please turn that off. Eww." That was my first exposure to Taylor Swift.

Every now and then someone will expose me to a Swift song or I'll see her on television. My opinion hasn't changed in any way. Yet adults go to her concerts (and not necessarily the ones dragged by their children).

The thing is, I keep feeling I should like her. I have no idea why but I should like her. She's certainly not hard on the eyes but she does nothing for me.  I like really good female singers but she's not one. I like music but age-appropriate music. She seems to be a good person who does nice things.

Maybe it's because her output is just product. Maybe she has some sort of Swift Ray that permeates press and causes one to fall over her.  Since I'm semi-immune to commercials, it probably just keeps me wondering why I am not fond of her.

My recommendation? Turn that stuff off and listen to some serious women. No ear candy here:
Sass Jordan
Janis Joplin
Joan Osborne (bonus - large, curly hair)
Linda Rondstadt
Heart - Ann Wilson (sometimes Nancy Wilson)
Bonnie Raitt


We wish good journeys to Wicked Wanda, 96, wherever it is that she's gone.

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