Wednesday, July 13, 2011

To The Nice Folks in Anonymous

You guys (and your compadres) have been in the news a lot lately, with all the hacks.  Fine job.

Remember Gary McKinnon, the British fellow who hacked into the US government's black files?  There was an awful lot of press about this case after he got caught.  The US wanted him extradited and his lawyers wanted him held in the UK, claiming he was autistic/Ausperger's.

McKinnon used all sorts of low-tech methods to get into the network, including screen remote control software.  The most interesting part of the case, in my opinion, was Gary's claim of all the wild and wonderful things he saw while inside.  Since he was using essentially long-distance phone lines, he couldn't afford to download proof (or so he said).

So, Anonymous, perhaps you could take up where McKinnon left off and get us some actual proof of what's being done with our tax money in Black Ops.

Should you choose to accept it, of course.

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