Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Will God Destroy America? Stay Tuned....

How exactly does the NSA spy on American citizens, which is expressly forbidden?
Welcome to Menwith Hill, UK, where the NSA runs the show (yes, in a foreign country) and it is not illegal to spy on American citizens.  Talk about your little loopholes....


Swiss political party tries to ban Power Point.
Those Swiss are certainly a rocking bunch.  First the Pirate Party and now they want to ban Power Point.   It's not that anyone could possibly disagree with them (well, maybe the idiots in Manglement).  Their platform is that Power Point wastes billions of dollars of time and it should be eliminated.

Perhaps it's about time our illustrious `leaders' studied the political systems of countries like this. 


Just in case you missed it last week, Pat Robertson has stated that God will destroy America because of gay marriage.

I shall not address the fact that Robertson apparently hears voices and has delusions of grandeur.  I will only speculate that God probably has better things to do than persecute love (although the fact that Robertson remains alive is a possible argument to the contrary).

Robertson is a smart cookie, though.  He has remained unconvicted after all these years.


Did you know that Microsoft makes more money from Android than its own mobile operating system?  Why do you think it bought up all those linux patents?  So it can threaten manufacturers.  Many, including HTC, have decided to pay a tax to Microsoft rather than go to court.


You can atone for using Windows by checking out one of the twenty linux alternatives for common Windows applications.


So, who's next on the Hacked Brigade?  Morgan Stanley, which warned 34,000 clients of a data breach.  Addresses, account ID, tax information and social security numbers were at risk.

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  1. The NSA: We don't really care "HOW" they do it...

    Power-Point? Wastes billions of dollars AND time? Ok. To the banned list, they should add Flash, email, text messaging, twits, Facebook, the medical establishment, Americans Idol, Voices, QVC, (Ummm, most TV), Newt Gingrich...

    I assume you refer to "Government" leaders? (Although, that would be an oxymoron.) You assume that they could actually "study" (the devotion of time, intelligence, effort, and attention to acquiring knowledge) something, anything. Beyond getting re-elected and making sure that the influential friends of lobbyists are kept happy, they don't have the capacity.

    Atonement? We don't need no steenking atonements. Well, except for Pat Robertson--now, there's a need for some atonement.

    How do they (anybody) do it (something outrageous)? They have money or a death-wish.

    Android. My phone is a (dumb) phone.