Thursday, December 8, 2011

CIA Admits it Has Office at Virginia Tech

A police officer and one other person was killed today by a gunman at Virginia Tech.

A four hour lockdown produced nothing and the all-clear was sounded at 4:30pm.  The gunman was not apprehended.

Virginia Tech was enjoying a four year hiatus from shootings when this occurred around 12:15pm.

Expect the usual calls for revoking the Second Amendment.


  1. I wouldn't doubt the that CIA has offices at most major colleges and universities. Gotta' get 'em while they're young, you know.

    This is sad, though. I wonder what the whole story is going to turn out to be... if we ever really get to hear the whole story.

    2nd Amendment? The right to arm bears shall not be impugned... or something like that, right? ;)

  2. It's bare arms, not armed bears. Why we'd need bare arms is confusing, although I had a girlfriend who shaved her arms. Long story.

  3. Baring of arms most likely has something to do with the skin cancer treatment pharma/medico industry. I'm sure their highly paid lobbyist pushed like hell for that amendment... the greedy bastages. Everyone's out for the almighty buck these days. Whatever happened to the happier, simpler times when sunshine was a good thing?

    And about the girlfriend who shaved her arms... I'm not even gonna' go there. ;)