Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tiny Little Ubuntu Improvements

I like things the way I like them.  You probably do too.
(what an incredibly silly opening line)

I don't care if the entire universe is repulsed by the way I like my things: this simply indicates that the entire universe is wrong.

Take my operating system(s).  Please.
I prefer my operating systems without noise.  And when I say without noise, I mean not one single sound should be made unless I pushed a button to initiate the sound.  I do not want to hear BOING whenever I hit enter.  I do not need my email client to BING me whenever new mail shows up.  Nor do I require notification in the form of BUNG when a program wants input.   Lastly, at no point in my life would I need a sharp BONK to signal that my operating system has booted.

Let me make an abrupt, unscheduled left and tell you about my absolute favorite Xubuntu (XFCE desktop) setting.  SPLASH SCREEN: NONE.   I think this says everything about why Xubuntu is my linux distribution of choice.  You see, I don't need a splash screen.  Or blinky graphics.  Or transparent overlays.  Or compositing (whatever the hell that is).

My local linux users group (LUG) was discussing this very topic recently.  I weighed in on how I felt that unbidden sounds were heinous, bothersome, violence-provoking and morally wrong.  For once, others agreed.  (I'm simply not used to that.)

In every group, there's one.  In my LUG, there are at least two.  The other one forwarded me a link today on this very topic, titled Ubuntu 12.04: Now with Quieter Logins.  It would seem that after much sound designing and wringing of hands, the Ubuntu login sound has been disabled.

Can I get just a faint Yay! from the crowd?

Thank you.

One of the reasons for killing the sound (killing sounds so much better than disabling, doesn't it?) is that sounds were meant to signal when the operating system was finished booting.  Since real operating systems boot up pretty quickly these days (at least linux does), there's no need for a sound.

I couldn't agree more.

And in true linux fashion, the sound can be enabled if the user can't live without it.  The article did not specify if there was a doctor's note was needed but I don't want to speculate.

Yes, it's the little things.

P.S.  Do not, and I mean never, get me started on the Unity interface.

P.P.S.  The dog is starting to display a fondness for cherry eucalyptus drops.

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  1. Sounds? Splash screens? Yeesh, man! That is so MS Windows. I run Slackware. I'm lucky to have white text on a black screen. ;)

    Pssst... God uses Xfce. It's his fav desktop manager. Unity (and KDE4) is of the Devil. MUHAHAHAHA! >:{>