Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Read it and Weep

I have long heard stories about pedophilia.

I have long preferred not to pay them much notice.  It's because this is one of the very few ways I'm pretty normal: I'd just rather not face the truth.

Within the last few years we have all started to read stories of people being arrested for child porn.  It started with small, isolated groups.  A few individuals, maybe.  An online `club'.

Then we read about pedophiles in the ranks of police.  And government.

Some of my online friends told me horrible stories about this.  Some pointed out that this went all the way to the top.

But like 9-11, to believe the emerging truth is to have to face some genuine unpleasantness and ugly facts about our fellow man.

For the longest time we have had seats to the sick opera that is the Catholic Church's abuse of children; the subsequent denial and hiding of the perpetrators.

Very recently we were treated to the Jerry Sandusky story [Local Boy Makes Bad at Penn State].  This is spawning other admissions.

Last night I came across a piece of ugliness and horror, detailing sexual abuse in Hollywood.  This breaking news is disgusting and it's true.  The very title of the article indicates this is the tip of the iceberg.

Now it's truly time to sit up and take notice.  Look at the sickness and devastation these subhumans have wrought upon children.  In the name of entertainment.

And this is indeed the tip of the iceberg.  The stories my friends told me and the stories I read about institutionalized pedophilia going all the way to the top.

Our eyes are wide open and our first step is to choose to see.

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