Thursday, May 31, 2012

Questions - We Have Questions

Does Down Syndrome affect black people?


Don't you think that, sometime before Beaver College changed their name to Arcadia, the cub scouts would rename the Weblos?

Funny story, that.  
For some reason, I found myself in the cub scouts.  And I was apparently a Weblo, which was pretty funny even then.  I don't remember getting much from the experience but there I was.

One day they decided they were going to clean up the trash in the woods by my house.  The area was used largely for drinking and partying by older kids and was an unholy mess.  Along came the Appointed Morning, Saturday, and my alarm was going off at eight a.m.  

I found myself at an existential crossroads at that moment.  But like a bolt of lightning, it hit me: I was not an altruist (in its most pure form).  If I had bothered to drag myself out of bed and assist in the cleanup, the entire area would be dirty again within weeks.  This wasn't what I wanted to do with my free time, especially the free time I spent sleeping on weekends.  I promptly phoned in my resignation from the `Blos'.

Now for the irony:

I work for a social services non-profit.  One would be correct to inquire as to how my lack of altruism found me working at this sort of place.  Most people work there due to their beliefs or altruism.  Don't tell anyone but I work there because they accepted my resume when I needed a job.

One of the activities my socially-minded workplace engages in is cleaning up the crack park on Martin Luther King day.  And the following year, to celebrate, they go out and clean the crack park again.

I did not know Dr. King.  I didn't spend a lot of time reading up on the gentleman.  But I believe I know enough to understand that he was for education and lifting one's self up, not cleaning up drug paraphernalia year after year.

Needless to say, I do not volunteer for the effort.


Say lefty - is exercise as bad for you as you always say?

For some, exercise may INCREASE heart attack risk.


So why does radio suck these days?


A present: Sofia Vergara spot.

For my birthday, I simply asked for Mila Kunis or Sofia Vergara.  I ask for so little - and that's precisely what I got.

Wives typically don't have a very good sense of humor (except mine: she married me).

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