Friday, May 4, 2012

This (sad) Week in Review

Munich nymphomaniac claims second victim in 36 hour marathon.  Ok, the story smells a bit but the wording is hysterical.  It's worth the price of admission (free).  And when you're done there, click here for a very thoughtful response from Salon.  The lady has a point.


Who is Dania Suarez?  She is the 24 year old woman at the center of the Secret Service prostitution problem.  She wants you to know that she's not a prostitute - she simply requested a little present of $800. Apparently they have a decent class of prostitutes in Colombia, as this one has implants.

Readers, let me be clear:  so long as tax dollars weren't used to pay for Professionals and there were no secrets spilled, why should I care what the Secret Service does on its off time?  They do a great job and deserve to blow off steam.  In addition, the government doesn't have any right to tell anyone what they can and can't do with their body.


Why is the controlled mass media lying about the massive attendance at Ron Paul gatherings?  I'll bet it's related to the vote totals....


Psssssst.... the re-education camps are being readied.  You know.... for terrorists.  And American citizens.


Senator Rand Paul wants to abolish the TSA.  His brightest idea ever.


The absolute winner of any article I've read this week would have to be this one...  

When Microsoft wants things done right, they rely on linux.   M$ bought Skype and recently upgraded their servers to a specialized hardened linux.



I have seen a couple of news items about state treasuries having tons of money and items that are unclaimed by residents.  Today I searched for the Pennsylvania State Treasury and located a number of items were waiting for me to claim them, some from many years ago.  Do a search for your state's treasury and unclaimed items.  Maybe there's something waiting for you.

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  1. Nymphos & prostitutes, I'm diggin' it.