Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eleven Years of Slumber

Today is the eleventh anniversary of one of our country's saddest days: 9-11-01.
I salute those who lost their lives in this tragedy, as well as the ones left behind.
We mourn our losses, individually and together.

What has happened in the years since 2001?

No one has been held accountable for the multiple failures of our government and federal agencies to protect the citizens.

  • NORAD changed their timeline three times.
  • The acting head of the Joint Chiefs blew off the emergency to go over unrelated testimony.
  • Donald Rumsfeld was helping paramedics instead of his Secretary of Defense job.
  • Our armed forces were completely absent.
  • The head of the EPA said the air was ok to breathe.
  • Our media published exactly what they were told.  No effort was expended to investigate.
  • The 9-11 Commission's finding document is second only to the Warren Commission report in pure fiction.
  • Trillions of dollars were acknowledged to be missing from the budget.
  • To question the official conspiracy theory is to be branded unpatriotic.
  • Our `leaders' ran and hid.  That is all.

In fact, the only real effect of 9-11-01 is the curtailing of the Constitution and our rights.
The era of the Patriot Act: ready on 9-12-01, signed and never read by Congress.
The establishment of Homeland Security, including our good friends the TSA.
The only thing new this year is killer drones, flying all over the globe.

My heart is heavy for my great country on this day.  America used to be the beacon of freedom to the world.  Now its citizens eat what they're fed without question.  The only issue is which idiot to vote for in November.

And we are no more safe than we were before that sad day.

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