Monday, September 17, 2012

lefty Goes Guitar Shopping

I don't get out much.  When I eventually get out, I am reminded of why I don't get out much.

Today it was guitar and mall shopping with the wife, nephews and a niece.  First stop, Sam Ash.  Someone was wanking away and I looked over to behold a guy playing a lefty Firebird.  This is a totally unprecedented site, as Gibson has never made a lefty Firebird.  Even the Custom Shop refused to make one.  Apparently they changed their minds.

After the wheedly-ing wound down I took my turn at the Firebird.  I don't plug guitars in much anymore; it has to feel good and play well first.  This one felt decent.  It appeared to have two covered mini-buckers and was black.  The tag indicated it was a Firebird Special at $899.  I played a bit and it felt decent.  Might be a decent deal at a bit cheaper but it didn't call my name.

The problem with Gibsons is that I'm spoiled by my Historic Reissue Les Paul.  Nothing feels the same, which tends to save me a lot of money on Gibsons.  Nothing has compared to date, except the higher end reissues.  Since there's no chance I'll ever see one lefty where I shop, I'm safe.

They did have a number of lefties, which was a pleasant surprise.

Guitar Center was next on the hit list.  These stores were in New Jersey, so I don't get there often.  Upon opening the door, I spotted a lefty PRS, at the bargain price of $3514.  I picked it up, hit a few strings, and put it back.  It was ok but nowhere near the magic I keep hearing about when people mention PRSes.  And not close to my Les Paul.

There was an 80s lefty LPjr for $1700, which was ok.  A couple of Strats and a Tele and that was it.  Still more lefties than my local Guitar Center.


My nephew was looking for another guitar.  His tastes are..... not as `refined' as mine.  He likes metal guitars with pointy headstocks.  As such, he picked up a few Ibanezes and found one with which he fell in love.  He bought himself a closeout 420 and his girlfriend bought him a Mustang I amp for his birthday.  They all loved my Mustang amp when I lent it to them; I had to ask for it back.  So he's a happy fellow at about this point.  No word on his landlord as yet.


I saw an Epiphone 335 for a decent price.  Does anybody own one?  I'm afraid of the Epiphone name.  I had a Gibson 335 but sold it because it was a fight to play it.


Walking through the mall, I came upon an Apple store.  I knew it was an Apple store because everyone was drooling and on their knees; wallets outstretched.  Nephew said it was an Apple store because people were saying, "I don't know what I want.  Just give me what everyone else is getting."

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