Monday, December 14, 2015

To Amuse and Confuse

A Chicago woman is tired of all the violence. Her idea for the fix is to call a "sex strike". Women agree to abstinence until the men of the community put down their guns. She said "you have to hit people where it hurts."  Why stop there - world peace or you get nothing.

  • The Islamic State paper carried a picture of the Schweppes soda can and materials used to make the bomb that took down the Russian airliner. The ironic part is that the airline charged the passenger three dollars for the can.

What do you do when hundreds of protesters are outside of the building where President Obama and other leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group are meeting? Crank up the Katy Perry on a convenient p.a. system!  Nothing gets rid of unruly mobs like Katy Perry.

  • A woman started strolling down the lanes of San Francisco's Bay Bridge, while stripping down to her underwear. It took California Highway Patrol twenty minutes to corral the offending stripper. In a move nobody could have predicted, police took the lady to the San Francisco General Hospital for a psych evaluation. What could possibly be wrong with spreading a little joy to some poor folks driving home from work?

As mentioned a while back, a woman who was carrying a loaded gun in her vagina when she was booked into jail is about to be sentenced to several years in jail. The arrest is part of Tennessee's successful new Gun in Vagina-Go to Jail program.

  • The University of Missouri will march today, demanding that the KKK stop wearing white robes.

SCOOP: I'll bet you didn't know that today is United Nations World Toilet Day. Who says the UN is a useless organization? WARNING: link contains toilets.

  • Watching the College Entitlement Festival is somewhat alarming these days. A Columbia student claims to be traumatized by reading about white people. I did not make this up.

A Pennsylvania woman accused of running a prostitution ring said her only crime was operating a massage business without a license. As for sex, she said she charged fifty dollars for a massage and if anything else happened, it was just between friends. She did not solicit but did accept money afterwards. Why can't we all get along? And where is this massage place - just for the sake of accuracy, of course...

  • Apple Music chief says finding music is online is too difficult for women. I routinely say Stupid Things and hear about it later, but this guy hit one out of the park and into the next country. See? Nothing good comes from Apple.

In 2005 the CIA was in federal court, refusing to disclose its federal budget. From 1963.

  • In case you never gave it any thought, adults all over the world are looked down upon for choosing not to have children. And I thought it was tough being a libertarian.

GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY:  ISIS has been warned that if they are planning attacks in New York, they will have to contend with the Sicilian mafia. There is no word on whether New York has been 'asked' to pay for the protection.

  • Remember the God Hates Fags people? This is a really good story about one of their members.

It's Black Friday(-ish) time and there may be deals to be had. Consider this Oral-B SmartSeries Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth!  Hang on... with Bluetooth? A toothbrush. With Bluetooth. Do we perhaps need to start it early, like our car, to warm it up? Does it communicate with your phone to assess your brushing prowess? Does it summon the Tooth Fairy in emergencies? Will it call an ambulance if your teeth stop responding?


  • Something About Rosanna: Rosanna Arquette is really something special. I cannot tell you how I know this. She is the direct inspiration for Toto's Rosanna and Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes. She must know stuff.

This guy discovered a bug in the linux Gnome desktop.

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