Thursday, May 26, 2016

It's a Plane Shame

The TSA is firing its security chief. What does this mean? It means 99 more years of the TSA. They have successfully turned the narrative around from "why do we need the TSA?".

  • Our hearts go out to the victims and families of EgyptAir MS804. May they return home soon. Unlike MH370, which still valiantly remains unfound.

Hawaii could become the first state to put gun owners on an FBI register.
And now it starts.

  • Apparently Taylor Swift is a Nazi idol.  No, really.

Microsoft is helping to fight against terrorism. Unfortunately, Windows 10 is still being produced.

  • Your tax dollars at work: Federal immigration authorities are building a separate unit for transgendered detainees in Alvarado, Texas. 

A man rubbed chili on his girlfriend's tampon to give her 'hot vagina'. 
How could I make this shit up?

  • It must be that season again: when there are two bomb threats on airplanes in one day: George Bush Airport and LAX.

I have strenuously avoided political labels, preferring instead to allow behavior to speak for itself. But the DePaul stage-rushing and takeover and the violence outside the Trump rally in Albuquerque really indicts the left. Apparently free speech only exists when it's speech the left agrees with. Anything else justifies shutting down, sometimes with violence. Some of these miscreants threw bottles at police horses. And when the protesters are Black Lives Matter, justice will not be forthcoming. The right has its own problems but violence is not among them.

This is a perfect time to remind everyone that the republican/democrat division is a false one, designed to divide people and distract from larger issues. You're gonna get it either way. Vote second party. Gary Johnson (libertarian) is now polling at 10%. Don't vote for the lesser evil - vote FOR someone.

  • In the interests of grammar and truth, I wish to point out to commentators that undocumented visitor is spelled i-l-l-e-g-a-l a-l-i-e-n. No amount of linguistic gymnastics will change it.

It is interesting to note that some world leaders are quite rattled by Donald Trump. You know you're doing a good job when you can piss off world leaders.

  • It has been discovered that the US nuclear weapons force uses 1970s era computer systems. Ever hear of 8" floppies? Nuclear weapons, people.

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