Sunday, May 8, 2016

Marshall Finally Got His Wish

Don't read this either.  I'm just typing because this is therapy for me.
I promise more levity in the next few days.

I got frantically called to the back door, where Ren the cat lay there, back half immobile. I asked earlier where he was, as he liked to roam outdoors but he liked demanding food much better.

Ren: a curious beast.  A good friend gave us this six week old kitten as Fred the cat had just been put down due to pulmonary issues. Ren proceeded to disembowel every Christmas tree we put up, knocking all the expensive ornaments to the floor. He also tried to blow up the house by leaping on the stove and turning the gas on as he went up. We needed baby guards on the knobs.

He drove me up a tree. Guess I'm not a cat person. Since everybody else was, I played along. In the last year or so, he became attached to me, in a very weird and clingy way. When I was on the couch, he was almost wrapped around my leg or resting his head on it. Or on the laptop. I have no idea why.

Marshall the cocker wasn't all that enamored of having a sibling. They sort of got along, largely by not getting in each others' way, but there was a bit of instigation on Ren's part. Marshall was not allowed to cross him, meaning Ren laid across any entry or exit Marshall wanted to use. Marshall whined like a little girl, unless there was food involved, in which case he'd steamroll Ren. He could even push Ren away from his own food.

We set off at a high rate of speed to the next county, where the emergency vet was located. Unfortunately we had to pass through Philly, where it is illegal to maintain the roads.

About two minutes after the doctor went back, he told us Ren threw a clot and was dying. We made the only decision we could. I stayed with him, as pet owners are supposed to do.

I HATE playing Adult. My wife, having lost John yesterday, was in no mood for it either.

And now Marshall has reached his goal of being an only child.

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