Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Not Easy Being Libertarian

While I was at work today, it occurred to me that the libertarian party should pay me.  I am pretty much the lone libertarian among three-hundred democrats.  No matter how much I speak up for my people, I am shouted down by coworkers, including a constable and someone who is probably going to run for office soon.

Yet I stand up for the abuse, time after time (like Mac users at work).

Today's point of boast is Ron Paul's near win in Iowa. 
You mean you haven't heard about it?

Well, not so much shocking as what is technically known as a news blackout.  Ron Paul came within two hundred votes of beating the winner, Michelle Bachmann.  But instead of reporting this simple fact, the controlled media chose to say that someone else won or to report news about Rick Perry running.

Another pair of shockers:
  1. Michelle Bachmann is running
  2. people actually voted for Bachmann

This is a sick universe.

1 comment:

  1. I can't claim to be a hardcore Libertarian, but I lean in that direction much more than toward either Dem or Rep.

    Speaking of Republicans...

    Sieg heil!