Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Panty-Twisting News

This blog's perennial favorite inadvertent comic, Michele Bachmann, has just graced headlines with yet another whopper: she claims that Hurricane Irene is "God's warning to lawmakers to limit the size of government."

I guess we have to give her credit for not claiming this is God's warning over doing abortions.  When the Passion of the Christ came out, certain Christians claimed abortions were responsible for earthquakes in Mexico.

It is borderline hysterical to hear good old Michele make this stuff up, even when she technically hasn't made it up (and claims it was just a joke).  The whole reduce the size of government thing really belongs to this blog's perennial favorite presidential candidate, Ron Paul.  She just added the God bit, as she is wont to do.  Come to think of it, Rick Perry has `appropriated' a number of Paul's platforms too.

What is not borderline hysterical is that there are apparently legions of drooling followers who believe this verbal excrement.

Speaking of excrement, why should anybody care that Lady Gaga apparently dressed like a man at a recent appearance.  I certainly don't care.  I wouldn't even know about it if it hadn't appeared as a headline on a few allegedly serious news sites I read.

Beyonce is pregnant.   
I didn't do it.

Paris Hilton is over.
Good for us.

Consider my panties in a knot.


More amusing than panty-twisting is President Giveaway apparently trying to bring back the nostalgic days of Jeb Bush and Billy Carter, infamous presidential siblings (and human failures).  The president's aunt was arrested and flagged for deporation but somehow wound up being granted asylum a while back.  The other night, a Kenyan illegal immigrant was arrested for DUI and demanded the White House be called.  His name was Onyango Obama, the president's uncle.

Speaking of Vladimir Putin, do we ever get to see President Giveaway riding a Harley?

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