Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toilet or Amusement Park Ride?

So I'm at work, sitting there, minding my own business, making use of the facilities.  All of the sudden, the device upon which I am sitting starts to display an in and out soft of motion, completely uncharacteristic of normal operation.

This is not to say that we haven't had more than our share of strange happenings in our rest rooms, no sir.  We have a urinal that's only operational one day per week, between being broken and physically being missing.  We have a stall that has a semi-permanent lake just to the right of it.  And we have automatic paper towel dispensers that never give you the same amount of paper towel twice in a row.  Regardless of what size they give you, it's not enough.

Doing a quick inventory, I assure myself that I have not forgotten any of my Happy Meds<tm>, nor have I forgotten to eat.  I have no outstanding appointments with any doctors. 

Plumbing has been known to shake a bit here and there, but I was experiencing rather a prolonged excursion, somewhat on the order of a child ride at the amusement park.  When porcelain moves, it's a bit difficult to determine whether it's just the porcelain or the entire building.

Bright soul that I am, I decided out would be a good place to take myself.

Back in my office, everyone was atwitter (does that still mean the same thing?) about the earthquake.


How did we know it was an earthquake?  Because everyone on Faceyspaces said so.


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