Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy THIS

I have been watching the various Occupy protests with interest and confusion.  I suspect I am not alone in this.

It is truly a wonderful thing to see the Great Unwashed tear themselves away from Dancing with the Stars and actually doing something.  It had been pointed out to me that Europeans get serious and riot while Americans buy beer and watch television.  I was all set to agree when all of the sudden, Occupy broke out.

It is also great to see the movement spreading.  Furthermore, it is shocking to see press coverage of the movement (even though it took about three weeks).

The left is doing its best to co-opt the movement.  The right is telling the movement to get off their lawn and get a job.  It's Politics as Usual in D.C.

As for yours truly, well.... glad you asked.  The phrase right church, wrong pew comes to mind.

Let's make a break with politics and deal with reality for a moment, shall we?  The bankers paid off the congresscritters to make favorable laws.  Then the congresscritters went and bailed out the bankers, after sleazy, underhanded dealings left them with less profit.

So it would only be logical to protest against the congresscritters, correct?

We don't blame illegal aliens for being in the country - it's the fault of bad laws, enforcement, and policy.  Blame the cause of the loophole, not the beneficiary.

So let's direct protest where it belongs: at congress.

Believe me, the Powers that Be are sitting up and taking notice.

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