Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs - Seriously?

I really intended to let this one pass.  Never liked the guy.  Hated his products.  I figured why not let him RIP.

I've only been home for about an hour, catching up on some rss feeds and watching a little news.  To put it politely, if I hear one more lionization of Jobs, I'm likely to lose my breakfast.

The local news featured kids who were somehow brainwashed into believing that there would be no computing at all without Jobs.  Well, that's certainly a marketing coup.

Then there was footage of people passing by a random Apple store, leaving flowers and putting up sticky notes.  The interviews were nauseating; as if the greatest humanitarian in the world had just passed.

"...comparable to the day Princess Diana died" 
"..coolest store we've ever seen with the coolest toys"

"changed the world"
"...compared to henry ford and alexander graham bell.."

Yes, one hell of a marketing coup.  I may be the only person on the planet who regularly listens to podcasts on a device bereft of lower case `i' in front of it.  Who computes on many devices without an `i'.  Who even has a netbook and tablet without `i's.

Apparently I'm one of the few people who listens to music on a number of devices onto which I transferred the songs directly.  Who can play music in any format.  Who does not require Steve Jobs' permission to play only certain music with certain extensions.  Who isn't subject to the Jobs Vision of How Things Should Be.

I can use any hardware, old or new.  I can perform just about any task done on a Mac, with free software.  I don't have to reboot constantly.  I belong to an enthusiastic and helpful community.  I can find software anywhere.  If I were telented, I could modify the software.  And my systems are still incredibly secure.  The hardware is modular and can be replaced when one component breaks; I  don't have to take the whole thing in.

I'd be nauseated if all this noise were over Bill Gates too.

I am a linux user.

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  1. Jobs is GOD!

    Er... or so the media is determined to make him, it seems.

    My vote is for Linus Torvalds. :)