Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun News from the World of Music

From the Unlikely Suspects department, did you know that Hulk Hogan almost played bass for Metallica?

George Harrison's son, Dhani, discovered what sounds like a sketch for a lead on the original Here Comes the Sun tracks.  He is shown with Sir George Martin and his son.

For reasons upon which I would rather not speculate, Ozzy Osbourne is giving away a free colonoscopy.

Since it's borderline illegal for the mainstream media to mention Ron Paul, here's a bit from non-mainstream media about celebrity endorsements. [hint: he's got them]  The question remains what to do with off-center endorsees like Snoop Dog (or worse, Gene Simmons)

I just discovered Brad Pitt is roughly my age.  Yet he continues to be very good-looking.


Bevilacqua and Paterno took the easy way out.


  1. Sadly, Arm Pitt is a pencilneck. Hulk Hogan's looking a little anorexic as well these days? Chaulk it up to the Hollywood lifestyle I guess.

  2. Otoh, it doesn't matter what we think - the ladies are nuts for pencilneck. Might be nice to be an object for a brief period :)