Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Speak in Paragraphs

My wife answered the door last night.  It was my brother.

brother: I hope I didn't interrupt anything.
wife: No, we're done and I have pictures for you...
brother: ummm..... no thanks.
wife: but your mom sent pictures for you.
brother:  OH.


Why is it that forecasters can accurately predict the price gas is going to rise to at a certain time in the future but never when it is going to go back down?


Rick Santorum knows the private agenda of Satan, who has his sights set on the USA.

The only thing more amusing and sad is that people are voting for him.


There was a march on the White House yesterday.  You didn't hear about it because it was military in support of Ron Paul.  Four hundred military, in fact.  Go ahead, say Ron Paul's foreign policy is weak; even the military knows he's correct.


Are you refusing to be body-scanned by the TSA?  That's suspicious behavior, son...


Today in musical news:  Wolfgang's Vault is featuring 1983 footage of Joe Cocker singing `A White Shade of Pale'.  The Vault is a tremendous musical destination on the web.  Sign up for a free membership and see/listen to incredible classic rock content.

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