Monday, February 27, 2012

More Stuff from Work

I haven't done an update about the Twilight Zone<tm> lately, so I thought I'd fill you all in on what's up.
Firstly, although I am not a member of the Helpdesk Team, I'm on their Funny List.  Here are some genuine subject lines from my friends at the Helpdesk:
  • I am a pc in the Bethlehem office.
  • We have a computer that lost its email.
  • ..cannot get on her internet.
  • unable to get cursor back to normal static
  • I have getting regular messages
  • every other day my outlook get corrupted..
  • I deleted my icon for Outlook and I need it back
  • Updating Windows to 8 or 9
  • I had a phone that their email yesterday
  • I am have issue with my Outlook.
  • needs 3 pc's builded
  • My laptops has a few virus on it
  • We've been using an old Microsoft Access program for over twelve years...
  • I fix it by myself.
  • one of are computer is having a problem with the screen
  • It is making a loud blowing sound.
  • I am continuously have this box....
  • My anti-vial software is out of date....
  • I just purchased and I phone....
  • Will be possible if I get bigger monitor
  • I think I just deleted all my files...
  • Are internet is down.

See - I don't have to make this stuff up; my coworkers are that good.

While warning a new hire to duck when the Nerf Wars start or the dart guns came out, I discovered that another of my number does not approve of the blowdarts.  He didn't exactly explain why but was quite adamant in his position that he'd call the police the next time they came out.

Call the police?

What's wrong with a friendly stress-buster blowdart game?  Even if you suck them, they don't fly backwards; so his complaint, while severe (and stupid) has no merit.

But let us wade from the cool, still waters of Helpdesk and Blowdarts to an area close to my heart: Security.
Several years ago, with management's blessing, I put together a desktop security policy.  Just the other day I discovered that the CEO saw the policy, ripped it up, and to make matters that much more silly, told no one.

I'm guessing the corporate security policy is going to take a bit longer in committee than I thought.


  1. About those subject lines - if indeed those are lejit, that would literally frighten me to.......well....

  2. They're right out of the helpdesk application.
    And they're just the tip of the iceberg.

    Only the best and brightest for us.