Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Now With Twice the Gluten of Normal Blogs!

Here comes the greatest morning news... the EU has launched a controversial deal with the US aimed at curbing government spying on the internet information of European citizens. Aside from the laughable content and enforcement of this deal, the EU has petitioned for more than US citizens get from their very own spy agency.

  • Here's a completely non-helpful hint from Thermionic: don't use Chrome-based browsers. They're absolute memory pigs. If you want confirmation, check your total available memory before you start the browser and a few hours later - you'll be shocked. I don't use Chrome because it's Google but apparently a few of the browsers I use are built on Chrome. After a few hours, they suck up ridiculous amounts of memory. Under linux, I'm speaking of Opera and an Opera spinoff called Vivaldi. Chrome, obviously, and Iron also.

BEWARE of Pokemon. Not only because it's stupid, but if you have a (God forbid) iDevice, you could be allowing the program full access, which it may take advantage of. Here's more information and a solution but make sure to do the research.

I first became aware of Pokemon Go online, where it took me a while to figure out (I'm not always the rapid-fire pundit you read here). It was described on the news as groups of people, staring at their phones, completely absorbed. In other words, completely indistinguishable from any other day and any other group of people.  My conclusion? Mow them down.

  • Speaking of apps, do you know what's at the top of the iDevice store ranking? An app to hack cars. Think about that when you get a new/used car. 

Is your cell phone constantly running out of juice? It's the price you pay for a smartphone with a large, bright screen and Serious Cell Use, Get one of the gee-whiz external charger/batteries. You can find them at local stores or Amazon for a better deal. When your phone is about to go dead, plug it into the battery and it will continue working and charging simultaneously. They come in every size from tiny (with small charging capacity) to bricks. We use them here and are very satisfied.

  • Know what I hate?
  • Everything.

Marshall update: he's getting worse. We may have to medicate him (for grief over losing his cat). It's only a matter of time until we're all on the same medicine.

  • Disney has outlawed selfie sticks. Yes, folks, it's another step in my plan for World Domination.

We have become a very uncivilized society, partly because of barriers that we feel shield us from responsibility for what we say and do. When we're driving, we say and do things we'd never do when walking. When we're online, we say and do things we'd never do in-person. People are calling for executions of police, journalists and politicians. People are threatening society and promoting lawless behavior. We have to learn to use the system, regardless of perceived wrongs. Don't shoot police. Don't shoot each other. Don't shoot people pulled over unless necessary. Don't declare open season on police.

We gotta learn to live together.  I believe most people are decent and want peace and normalcy. Rallies and hugs and handshakes (and funerals) reinforce this. Unfortunately, rallies are not going to convince the bad element. How to deal with them? I have no idea, but at the rate things are escalating, it's going to involve bullets. None of us want to see that.

Looked at in the larger sense, this is Divide and Conquer. Trump vs Clinton. Black vs White. Meanwhile we're not coming together and we're no good when divided. 

In the Sixties, it was protest songs. In the 2000s, it's Pokemon Go.

  • Check out this early review for Jeff Beck's latest album. I have only heard one track and I have to be honest - I don't like the female singer. Hopefully the rest of the release provides normal Jeff fare.

During the police shooting in Dallas, a robot was used to deliver a bomb, blowing up the shooter. Not sure I'm ok with this but just imagine what will happen when Obama ordered drones...

  • Check: How to secure your router and home network

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