Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Great Unveiling

FBI's James Comey: "While Hillary's actions clearly rise to the level of prosection, I decline to do so. The example of Vince Foster looms large to anyone who would try."

I am not a Conspiracy Theorist, I'm a futurist.
Once again I am forced to repeat this. If, after the FBI non-Prosecution Fiasco, you have any doubts that the fix is in, you might need to seek professional help. After all the woman said and did, she has been protected by the Powers That Be (PTB). The veil is off and it should be painfully apparent that laws are for you and they don't apply to Them. Too big to jail,

They're terrified of Trump because he's not owned, so all the stops are being pulled out for Hillary.
Just in case you think justice is still imminent, they own the voting machines too.

I'm still voting for Gary Johnson, whose poll numbers keep rising, for obvious reasons.

  • Philly Strikes Again: Transit officials found cracks in more than a hundred new rail cars, pulling them out of service only weeks before the Democratic National Convention. Some of the ancient cars aren't stopping at farther stations because they're full. People are having trouble getting around. In some cases, there are 30 minutes between trains during rush hours.
  • Meanwhile, the mayor wants illegal aliens to be free to roam in his sanctuary city.

A New Zealand couple found a human head on a beach in Fiji. Come to Fiji - where you're sure to get a-head.

  • The 20 year old Briton who tried to grab a policeman's gun and assassinate Donald Trump has denied the charges. He didn't mean to assassinate Donald, he just wanted to look at the policeman's shiny new gun and shoot it where Donald was standing. Since there was no clear intent, the FBI's James Coney has declined to prosecute him.

In another move for common sense, the next Iron Man will be a 15 year old female. I guess the Iron Man suit will have to be redesigned to accommodate boobies.

  • Some bright fella set a Google car on fire because he believed Google was watching him. Well, he was correct in his assessment but went a bit far in his actions. Turning off cookies would have been a better start.

In the past week, two Teslas have crashed while in Autopilot Mode. This would normally be an item of concern, but none of us here can afford one.

  • The US House passed legislation prohibiting employees from viewing pron or explicit sites. Only the goons in the US need this law. Next up: a law to stop federal employees from killing their coworkers.

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