Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Twitter has been throwing (only) conservative members off the service. Yesterday, Faceyspaces admitted it blocked certain tags critical of the DNC. Not that there's an agenda or anything.

Make America Great Again: get off Faceyspaces.

  • I may have to take out a restraining order against Kaley Cuoco. She keeps calling.

Don't forget to vote. Vote wisely, vote often. Remember - you're competing with dead people. And the voting machines are owned by the parties.

  • The FBI, the organization that refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for fear of convenient death, is now very interested in pursuing the source of the DNC email links. They may actually succeed here, as it's in the Clintons' best interests to have this info.

Those nice folks over at ISIS have beheaded a priest. It's a peaceful religion. They peacefully beheaded him.

  • Birthday week wishes to Sir Michael Philip Jagger.

Be careful about making your own adult movies: you may regret it when the one with her driving gets out.

  • Remember Miss Cleo, from the tv psychic commercials? RIP - cancer.

If you're a bored Australian Fur Seal, you fall asleep in a Tasmanian public toile.
If you're a bored ISIS member, you behead a priest.

  • A while back, my mother told me I was a mistake. Since then, I have made it my destiny.

The saddest thing I've seen in a long time: the dog with his head resting on his missing cat's carrier.

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