Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Turkeys

One of the tech bloggers did a page on what he was thankful for. I figured I'd steal the idea and run with it. There's no likelihood anyone would come by and blame me.

  • a free, open source operating system, faster and safer than The Big 2. Linus Torvalds' baby, linux. And all of the the software that runs on it - provided free, via the time and effort put in by their authors.
  • a family that is not sicker than they already are.
  • the opportunity to help keep Big Pharma in business, including the dog
  • not going anywhere on Black Friday (or most other days)
  • a very positive working environment
  • no emojis on any of my devices
  • a job and just normal bills
  • my outlets: blogging and guitars
  • not having to watch too much daytime tv (any, if possible)*
  • the power of sage to clear the attraction of other cars to ours
  • some very cool readers

Happy Turkeys and may your biggest Black Friday problem be slow internet.

* Ok, I lied.

Having seen what my wife watches during the day has given me a whole new appreciation for waterboarding. "News" with a social media desk. Gab show. Gab show. Judge show. TMZ. Judge show. Gab show. Etc. And on odd days, it's Black and White TV. Yes, shows that were made, aired, and popular long before you were born. Shows frequently set in the Old West. When Black and White TV is not sufficient, or if none of the above is bothering me enough, it's the Game Show Network. A network populated entirely of game shows. As if this weren't enough of a Chinese Water Torture, all of the game shows are very old. Like from the 1970s. Most of these people have been dead for years. What possible attraction could there be in seeing ancient game shows? Never mind that I actually recognize some of the alleged celebrities on these shows.

hip social references -------> WTF SMH bae woke lit

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